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  1. bokrif

    Universal Storage II [1.3.1 and 1.4.5 - 1.7.0]

    I experienced the same problem. Sorry I have no images or video but the problem seems to be based on my testing that the smallest US wedge, the one that has 4 radial attachment point, is doing to much contracting and compressing based on the forces applied, then it starts to wobble to a point of catastrophic disassembly. In short, the wedge doesn't seem to be rigid enough. I experienced this problem when the wedge was larger than length one. I tested it with basic batteries and stuff not other modded US parts like DMagic. The symptom is the same as in @FellipeC's video.
  2. It works. Also my previously posted issues are currently solved with the latest release. Good job!
  3. Sorry, no craft file, I haven't saved it. Different configurations on the same 4 part pod (heat shield, LFO tank, pod, docking port) A: 4 radially attached XT-L2 Landertron Retrorocket B: 4 SuperDraco Engines from Kerbal Reusability Expansion mod + landertron computer C: 6 SuperDraco Engines + landertron computer In each case after reentry the pod crashed into surface while the engines were working. When I droped from below 10 km, landertron successfully decelarated the vessel, only heat shield were crashed in some cases. There seems to be a delay of the landertron kicking in. Kerbal Engineer calculates the height of the suicide burn, and it seems landertron fires below or just right at the height showed by Kerbal Engineer. My hypothesis is that it reaches the calculated height then initiates the engines, but the real height when the engines actually thrust is a little lower than the neccessary hence the 80-90m/s impact velocity. Howeve when I drop from below 10 km, vehicle doesn't seem to accelerate as fast downward as after atmospheric reentry. This slightly slower acceleration/deceleration gives enough time for the landertron engines to thrust. Maybe my game settings of physical calculation time or what is too long for landertron? It may need more extensive testing. I had time only to figure out it really has a problem.
  4. It works. However I recently tested the computer and the larger SF engine on a simple return vehicle on Kerbin and the SoftLanding functionality is not working properly. Maybe the problem is with my KSP, but landertron fires the engines too late and the return vehicle crashes at a speed of 60-90 m/s (couldn't log the exact number). DV budget and surface TWR of the various configurations should be enough for landing the pod softly and safely. (I tried putting more engines on the pod, but the result is the same.) If I just make a free fall from lower heights the same engine configurations softly land the pod.
  5. Thank you @Ker_nale! I'm going to try it out. Meanwhile the information you requested: KSP Craft Organizer version 1.4 [LOG 00:55:40.640] ******* Log Initiated for Kerbal Space Program - (WindowsPlayer x64) ******* Kerbal Space Program - (WindowsPlayer x64) OS: Windows 10 (10.0.0) 64bit CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4210U CPU @ 1.70GHz (4) RAM: 8101 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 840M (2019MB) SM: 30 (Direct3D 9.0c [nvd3dumx.dll]) RT Formats: ARGB32, Depth, ARGBHalf, Shadowmap, RGB565, Default, ARGB2101010, DefaultHDR, ARGBFloat, RGFloat, RGHalf, RFloat, RHalf, R8 Log started: Tue, Feb 14, 2017 00:55:40
  6. I get a blank window of Craft Organizer when I hit the button in VAB. Also this blank window breaks the VAB and I can only exit it by using an other mod of Quick Exit and Quick scene switch or something like it. My game is heavily modded but KSP Craft Organizer worked well before. I don't know what have I done wrong.
  7. bokrif

    [1.4.5] Global Construction

    Hi, I don't know if your mod causes the issue, but my KSP.log is filled with numerous logs as: Coroutine couldn't be started because the the game object 'SpaceCrane' is inactive! 809 instances in a relatively short game. I noticed this error happening mostly (or exclusively) while in VAB. Perhaps it's nothing, I don't know. Just curious and wanted to share.
  8. The new Tantares has no alternate black/green textures. Is it possible to use the old black one, or it won't work? Edit: I tried to to keep the APAS A, B, C docking ports from the old Tantares, but their texture is misplaced or wrong. I guess the Soyuz and the APAS ports use the same texture file. How can I correct the texture problem?
  9. For those who don't know the answer: I checked the game and MKS EL patching does not affect KPBS EL parts. They still mine MetalOre to produce Metal and RocketParts.
  10. bokrif

    [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    I'd like to put together a spreadsheet to calculete the exact supply demands (incl. the Nam-o-Matic conversions) but I'm not sure about the method. How does USI LS actually calculates consumption and production/converison? Daily? Hourly? Second by second? Does production and consumption happen in the same time unit btw?
  11. Really great mod! I really appreciate your work. I've read that KPBS is "lightly" compatible with MKS though I have a question to those who use it with MKS: how does KBPS EL functionality handle the MKS EL changes? For example does it still use RocketParts? (Sorry I cannot launch the game to test for myself.)
  12. It says the new tantares is not compatible with the old one. If it's a new mod, can you use it in parallel with the old one?
  13. bokrif

    ExoMars 2016: on its way to Mars!

    I know it was probably discussed earlier and it's a lame question but why use such a risky landing profile?
  14. bokrif

    ExoMars 2016: on its way to Mars!

    According to: I'd say the descent of the lander went well. Of course if it malfunctioned during the last phase, crashed or just didn't turn on when landed can be a possibility. Edit:
  15. bokrif

    [1.4] Routine Mission Manager [v032]

    Do any of you know if Routine Mission Manager works with 1.2?