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  1. Here's a cute little thing. It's an outboard motor for boats, and it has a few degrees of angling which it can handle.
  2. Holy crap klond, I didn't realise how insane that stuff can get. Also, about your first plane. Those small intakes have a ridiculous amount of drag compared to how much intake air they produce. it's almost absurd how bad they are.
  3. That is quite true, however at 38000 meters, thermodynamics allow you to go much faster than you'd expect. Drag begins to be one of the leading forces against you instead of thermodynamics, but overheating will also be a problem. Hopefully not
  4. When I was filming that rocket, I felt like I was playing one of those build a rocket flash games lol
  5. https://gfycat.com/grotesquegregariousdaddylonglegs
  6. I hope you've all seen Scot manley's video about getting in to orbit using just drains. Now, About the speed record. There's a few categories I am going to propose. There's going to be the Fastest air speed record, land speed record, and then boat speed record. The main rules: No cheats or infinite fuel please, and no modded or craft file edited parts. Because it's all screenshot based, there's no way to prove any of these, so just be honest. Air speed record rules; You must get 100 percent of your thrust from drains connected to air intakes, with no modded parts. It's also measu
  7. I've made a big ass Engine gimbal. A trick for making such large and heavy parts is to use a dumpling fuel tank as a joint held in place using inter craft collisions, otherwise the whole thing will wobble around way too much. It's already a bit wobbly as is, but it is actually useable. You can make parts without the tweakable to collide within craft do it anyways by using action groups, so these solar panels have it set to stage. This engine cluster has a vector engine because this ship is meant to be used as a ferry between a planet and moon, and it needs the extra thrust when the ship is low
  8. Yeah sure, so essentially, I'd recommend you get Editor extensions redux, a mod which lets you place any part radially if you press T, but if you dont want to get any mods, just hold shift and use that to move the jet engines super far away, and move the struts to a place where they are not in view, and then move the jets back to where they were. It takes a bit of practice, but it's very powerful and very useful to get used to the translate and rotate tool. If you make it so the attachment mode is smooth, not angley, you can also rotate parts smoothly.
  9. I've got a bit of advice. There's no reason to have the air intakes facing outwards, as an air intake facing forwards gets more air in it, and it also reduces the size of the engine to not have those with the engine itself. You can translate the jet engines outwards so you don't need to have struts directly connected to them, or you could translate them into the struts, whatever you prefer, as it'll make them more compact. Using DLC parts for spinning is actually less stable than legacy bearings, and legacy bearings are considered "better" for performance if you dont care about the extra part
  10. Could you send me a link? I've been trying to find another stock one since I started this but I was unable to. This is my first ever stock turbo shaft. This was before I really knew how the physics engine works and I was just winging it by adding more boosters lol
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