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  1. I don't believe that that's a synchrocopter though
  2. Could you send me a link? I've been trying to find another stock one since I started this but I was unable to. This is my first ever stock turbo shaft. This was before I really knew how the physics engine works and I was just winging it by adding more boosters lol
  3. I finally made a Full stock Synchrocopter :D:D:D
  4. Wow that's nice. I also happen to be working on a Reaction wheel less stock helicopter but it does not use a swash plate
  5. Idk azimech, it seems to be having torque problems. When I adjust the pitch, it tends to slow its rotation down a lot. Do I need to bring them in closer?
  6. So I've been trying to make a stock XP-55 replica, and despite having 8 juno engines, This thing cannot seem to get past 30 meters per second. Any tips?
  7. I've let a stock bearing spin down with no wings attached and it lasted for over 10 minutes so Idk how much drag there really is. I'm pretty sure most of the drag comes from the aerodynamics of the actual wingtips in the propeller
  8. Jet engines and rockets have an infinite exaust velocity in this game as a bunch of jet engines can fire a projectile past super sonic velocities Also, our stock bearings have 0 friction, so you're not going to get more power using less engines, the only difference is that the part count is going to be lower and the bearing is going to be heavier. It's a trade off.
  9. Yeah, you could probably do that if they fixed the kraken issue
  10. A jet pointing at your ship will still interact with it, even if it's still part of the ship, so it'd still turn a propeller if it was attached through the rotary part.
  11. The stock rotors will never go away. It's not just that we want to have a spinny thing, but it's the challenge of doing it and making it work that appeals to a lot of people.
  12. Dude 1.0 Set the bar pretty darn high. It was probably the best update of all time for Kerbal space program, and the game was pretty much done when it came out. Career mode could be better, but It's alright for what it is.