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  1. I would say in the next 12-24 hrs until they get us a fix. 48 at most, playing 24.2 until then, ghosting on the forum until then lol
  2. what I have noticed, check the crash log it makes. It seems too me on my .25 running with OpenGL is overloading VRAM and causing vidcard to crash. When I ran with dx9 I get crash do to lack of ram. Full screen takes more VRAM than windowed that is why windowed works and full screen don't. If you have 1 gig vram or less a crash from lack of vram is most likely the cause. On a side note, I noticed today after installing all the same mods on both a 24.2 and .25 version of the game, on the 24.2 when game is loading ATM runs first and takes 3-5 mins before every thing else loads, on .25 I never see ATM in the loading bar,there for ATM must not be working as we all figured, this just goes towards confirming that. Also, running ATM on .25 may make your game crash more until it is fixed for .25 because it does build the texture cache and the game loads both the full size textures and the compressed ones, causing more crashes on my end any way, results may vary of course. I am running 24.2 until this is fixed because I can't live with out my mods and my system is too weak and/or game is to power hungry. I am on constant ATM forum watch until it is fixed, I just hope it is not going to be too big of a PITA to fix, I would feel awful for it's maker if it is. As far as any words to him, take your time, I think I speak for all this mods users when I say we are more than happy to wait for you in super chill mode
  3. Not as far as we know, atleast I still can't get it working right yet any way, read the last 2 or 3 pages, it is still in debate lol
  4. after much digging and research it boils down to the ATM's dll plugin needs to be recompiled for the .25 code. all the cfg files in theory should be fine and work just fine, but since this whole mod depends on it's own dll until that is recompiled this mod will not work. If you noticed most mods that use their own dll plugins or depend on modder made dll's only needed the dll recompiled for .25 and no other changes it is only rational to assume that is the issue with this mod as well. At this time I can only run half the mods with .25 with out ATM as I could on .24.2. I am sure all will be well with ATM by the weekend. Ofcourse this is just a working theory of mine, I could just be to darn tired and be blowing smoke lol plus aside from this, I have been working on my mod for another game that has been in the works for 2 years now and also my own indie game too so who knows maybe I finally cracked
  5. yes, that is true, but fact is, as we all know, KSP is not very memory effective at this time, hence why we have ATM. with out mods, .25 vs 24.2, .25 use's more ram and slightly more vram on my machine. everything seems to run through the RAM first and then is buffered by the VRAM if need be. In truth, a game like this should use less ram and more CPU and VPU/VRAM. In my experience, when a mod like this breaks due to new version, the first thing to do is identify the changes that would affect the mod, then work your way down. The modder who made the mod would know better than any one.
  6. These are some of the problems with ATM and .25: 1. Scenery:* Tweaked the main terrain shader to use worldspace triplanar mapping on near detail textures. This means we now have enough texture accuracy to texture small rocks or even blades of grass. This is still an ongoing project though, not all Celestial Bodies use this new shader yet. (New shader means more memory) 2. Administration Facility (Meaning yet another new set of textures) 3. New Explosion Particle and Sound FX (more memory, mostly VRAM I would assume) 4. Destructible Facilties at KSC (More textures to load) Now while this is no where near ATM's fault or the "direct" cause of not working properly, It is why the game is using more memory than 24.2. There are other thing's most likely, but these are the ones that popped out at me in the change log. I have been working all day trying to reverse engineer ATM and get it working but no luck and with mods with or with out ATM my game is very unstable i.e, sometimes it loads sometimes it don't and sometimes it is missing buttons and so forth with no rhyme or reason so far, but last night with the same mods I got now I was able to play fine for 5 hours so who knows. I am not one to just sit and wait but If that's what it takes so be it, I still have 24.2 to play until TACLS and this are updated LOL, just my two cents and my observations
  7. I take no credit for this file, or it's code, all I have done is save others the trouble of trying to make a working .cfg file. All credit goes to toadicus for the code and sandworm for the file name. Place this in your game data folder where MM is at. This is the part scale fix, aptly named KW_Scale_Fix.cfg Mediafire link: https://www./?acqlb9y9r0c8ssi
  8. I can confirm, EVERY part seems right to me BTW, just to make sure, did that need to be added to every .cfg or just to one?
  9. Just to let every one know, I got this "seemingly" working with .25. What I did is load stock .25 and set my graphic settings to what I had on 24.2, then installed all my mods (All mine I use are up-to-date already) and was able to play at on 1.5Gb ram used. If I remove ATM game crashes at load. Just my two cents on the matter, I may be wrong but worth a try right. Also, I am using MM 2.5.1 dll.