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  1. Mars Colonization Discussion Thread

    Regarding surface vs orbital colonies: what of the psychological effects? Those that will (or could potentially) inhabit Mars or some orbit or another will still be the biologically and psychologically similar to modern humans, right? I imagine it's more comforting for the average human to have feet on the ground rather than on a thin piece of metal, miles above the ground, especially for extended periods of time. Having sailed a lot, (and maybe it's just me), but it seems to reduce stress to have terra firma underfoot. In my mind, being in a space vessel or station seems similar to a submarine... restricted area, thin walls, and a very inhospitable environment just beyond it. Seems (again, maybe just to me) to be a bit of a stressful environment in general... imagine having an existential crisis in orbit! Sure, the surface of Mars is pretty inhospitable, too... but at least there is dry land there, rather than vacuum or crushing water pressure. Although if one were born and raised in an orbital colony (the permanent-resident kind), how would they feel if they finally touched down on a planet? Just my musings on the subject
  2. Hardest decision? "Keep working on this craft, or go to sleep?" KSP usually wins...
  3. What did you do in KSP today?

    Worked on a few cars. They don't handle particularly well (yet) but they do pack quite a bit of speed, usually capable of 100m/s+. Stock parts with TweakScale for panel sizing and DCK for the paintjobs and rims. Edit: Speaking of, is there a wheel tuning guide somewhere on these forums? So far I've been basically just adjusting random values and seeing what happens... ) R-5 Turismo R-6 Kadet Also took a comparison shot of my newest car vs my first one from this batch... they've been getting much smaller over time, apparently. (R-6 on the left and R-1 on the right)
  4. What have you been playing recently? (Other than KSP)

    Got hooked on Overwatch when they had their free weekend a while back. It's been edging into my KSP time quite a bit lately... (If anyone else plays, shoot me a PM and maybe we can play a few rounds together at some point )
  5. VR - Let's take it to next level

    Would adding VR support slow down the game at all? What I mean is, a lot of folks play KSP on self-described "potatoes" with <30FPS on average... would adding VR support lower that FPS even further?
  6. Rovers won't move?

    I've been there far too often...
  7. Rovers won't move?

    My best guess is a loss of traction due lowered gravity. Do you have any screenshots of the rover in question?
  8. Valerian style space station

    Largest station I've ever done (though it was mobile, so technically more of a ship than a station). Could hold well over a hundred Kerbals or more. It looks like the top and bottom toroids were made of 24 Hitchhiker Pods each, making 96 Kerbals per, so I guess the total is over actually over 200 Kerbals. Although if the image I found on Google is correct, then it is a couple orders of magnitude from what you're envisioning. (Never seen the film, so idk if the image is a spoiler or not. Regardless, putting it behind a spoiler anyway) It's theoretically possible to make a station that large, but the physics lag would be tremendous. It's really up to what your PC can handle and how much lag you as a person can tolerate.
  9. The Kurburgring Lap

    Okay got my craft uploaded to KerbalX: It is mostly wing parts (>=90%ish) and uses TweakScale and @DoctorDavincis paint mod (btw where do I get those sweet wheel textures you recently made??) It is Powered by 6 Junos and equipped with boost flap technology for deceleration purposes. My current lap times are pretty poor, so if anyone wants to take a look at the craft and give some advice on wheel tuning, that would be greatly appreciated Ive also got my parser program ready to go, but I may need a little more advice how to distribute it properly (namely where do I post the source code?)
  10. The Kurburgring Lap

    I'd be happy to Assuming I can take care of the points listed below, I should have it up by this weekend It would technically be the first program I've made and distributed, so I'll do my due diligence and make sure I'm not violating any EULAs or anything (as well as making sure it works on other versions of Windows, etc ) Other than that, just needs some quality-of-life work, an editable exception list (so it doesn't count things that are not parts or links as parts or links), and a bit of documentation for the end-users, and then I'll be happy to put it out there for public use Although if I do my research and find out I'm not violating anything and can distribute it as freeware, I might even put up my current (very rough, but functional) version.
  11. The Kurburgring Lap

    Good idea, I remember making a kOs script to automate my boost flap for the Dakar Challenge earlier this year. The problem is my engines are usually very close together in a horizontal line, so putting the flaps in the pixel-perfect spot may be a bit of a task.
  12. The Kurburgring Lap

    Good news! My program is functional and helped me fix my broken car! Huzzah! Now, I just need to work on my lap times. I can get about 1:30, but that would put me solidly at last place... hopefully with some wheel tuning I can work that down to 1:10ish. As it is, I usually end up going between tremendous understeer, to alarming oversteer and subsequent roll-overs... and everything in between I did have a question, though: is it all right to rig up some of my Junos to action groups so I can enable/disable them to help with acceleration and stopping? (Edit: I'll probably rig up some boost flaps as suggested on the next page to the action groups instead. Will increase part count, but at least it will be comparable to other vehicles in the challenge!)
  13. The Kurburgring Lap

    I actually made a program in visual studio a year or so ago which parses craft files and lists each individual part. Maybe if I tinker with it a bit (and do a fair bit of research) I can modify it to also show each part connection, and flag those with connections to non-existent parts. Seems easier than doing it by hand with a spreadsheet If successful, I'll see if I can upload the program somewhere for public use. Edit: Moving forward on this, my program is now able to identify and list parts and part links in separate boxes. Next step, allowing it to cross-reference the lists and point out links that do not correspond to a part. Edit 2: (Putting this here to avoid any derailing) As I type this, my program is enthusiastically combing through a 1200+ part craft file all on it's own, scrolling back and forth and verifying that each item in the Links box also appears in the Parts box. Next step is allowing it to copy the part-less Links to a third box, so that the user may fix it by hand, then seeing what parts of the code I can modify to speed up the process. I'm not confident in letting the program alter the actual craft files yet Edit 3: All essential functions are now, well, functional. Admittedly, it's not particularly quick, as high part counts increase time taken almost exponentially: as it is, it checks nearly the ENTIRE parts list per link... regardless, it is still several magnitudes quicker than doing so by hand. Going through some testing with a few downloaded crafts. Semi-Final test is a purposefully corrupted craft file with missing parts. Final test is fixing my broken craft file If it can find all the broken links, then it is basically done and ready for compiling. Hoping for the best!
  14. What did you do in KSP today?

    Without Visual Mods: With Visual Mods (SVE & Scatterer) Also I made a car:
  15. The Kurburgring Lap

    Still tuning the wheels, so no lap times yet, but this is likely the vehicle I'll be using: Powered by 6x Junos tucked away in the trunk with a small gap for exhaust. Currently it's very angry and difficult to drive, but hopefully with some practice, wheel tuning, and panel adjustment, it can do some quick laps