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  1. Green Onion - my first high power rocket

    Wow, that thing screamed off the launch pad! What was the initial TWR, if you happen to know?
  2. For Questions That Don't Merit Their Own Thread

    And I thought Clarkson was actually clever for once with that invention... until it backfired spectacularly, of course
  3. For Questions That Don't Merit Their Own Thread

    Yeah I figured it would be something like that. Thanks for the response!
  4. For Questions That Don't Merit Their Own Thread

    Edit: Never mind, found the answer I was looking for!
  5. Kos script Project

    I'll see if I can gather the Auto-Rover script I was working on. It's not totally complete (could use a few more features) but it is functional and can be expanded upon. That is, unless someone already has a script for that
  6. Why does KSP need to be extremely expensive

    Hey OP, (@Hans Kerman) were you able to get a copy of the game? Depending on your region, I may be able to help out a bit...
  7. Is an Iron-Man suit physically possible?

    And make sure it all weighs less than 20 lbs so it can all be supported by the thrusters from the first video. Or get approximately 10x the thrust out of 'em somehow! Although, technically, you are right, it appears to be physically possible. It just can't (yet...?) actually fly with the weight an average human... but we might get there eventually.
  8. Soooo what's up with rocket guy these days? Launch still postponed? Last update looks to be from over a week ago. Very curious to see how this all plays out... I just hope the guy survives and maybe even learns something from this! This is the most recent article I've seen (though admittedly I havne't looked too hard):
  9. Usually I start with a little extra funds, science, and rep, so my first launch is my first orbit. Usually a 1-man capsule with a few science experiments stuck on. After that, I usually proceed to relays, or, science allowing, research stations.
  10. Kerbin Infrastructure and Improvements

    Woah there friend, I don't think he was trying to insult you or hate on your idea. He's just pointing out that KSC is already in a prime location. No need to be defensive around here, we don't bite I like the idea of being able to build another Space Center, but in the end, it takes up too many resources to really be a part of the stock game. However, if you don't object to mods, the Kerbal Konstructs mod allows you to build your own space centers out of a long list of "parts." You can even download Kerbinside or a few other mods, which were made with Kerbal Konstructs, and add many other space centers of various sizes and varieties. I've even built a racetrack at KSC (so I could test racing rovers) using these tools. The sky (or rather, your PCs processing power) is the only limit! Ultimately, IMO, they want to keep the stock game as easy to play as possible, because many people play on older PCs with limited capabilities. Adding several more space centers will slow the game down, and for some it would slow it to unplayable levels.
  11. Wow, this thread has gotten a bit heated... I agree with OP and think it would be nice to be able to delete maneuver nodes after you have passed them, assuming limited control. This is not for realism or anything like that, but rather because KSP is, first and foremost, a video game that is designed to be fun. And, IMO, having a maneuver node from three KSP years ago still showing up on your navball doesn't sound like fun. Personally, I think the best bet is to add it in as an option in the difficulty menu, defining just how 'limited' it is in your particular game.
  12. I need a lifter

    Looks like this is Sandbox mode, so tech level and money constraints are not present. If I have this correct, you plan to: - Make an initial total of 5 launches to LKO, for all 5 base components. - Assemble base in LKO. - Make a final launch for the transfer tug to dock and drag it to Munar orbit. Am I close, or do you plan to assemble them in Munar orbit?
  13. Would you like to go to Space?

    I would love to go to space, but I am far too unhealthy to do so. Nor am I rich enough to go as a tourist, or well-educated enough to go as an astronaut. But hey, that's why I have KSP!
  14. I need a lifter

    Looks like you'd be looking for 6km/s of dv (I usually add an extra 10% because my manuevers can be a bit imprecise, so about 6.6km/s of dv), should be achievable. Size of payload is important (length, width, height), so that a properly-size fairing can be fitted. Or, if it's too bulky for a fairing, a little additional engineering would be needed to account for drag. Also, as mentioned, tech level is also quite important (assuming this is for career) since not all boosters are created equal.
  15. What's the most science you've ever gotten from one mission?

    So far, 3,324 Science from a single mission. Although I currently have a batch of experiments at my Lunar Lab, one of which is worth 3,000 Science on its own...