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  1. I can't claim to "love" them, but I do get a bit sad when they die. Mostly because it means I failed the mission.
  2. I'm also very guilty of this. I often think "okay, just got home, I'll just do one or two missions..." Next thing I know it's 11pm and time for bed!
  3. Erm oops no that should have been regular tons! My bad.
  4. It's hard for me to start a new Career. I don't like have such limited funds, or building pieces, or having to do very basic and low-level contracts to make money. As such I usually give myself a bit of a funds/science boost for an "advanced" start, where I can go to orbit and build stations almost immediately. I'm also not very good at creative ships. All of mine look boring and functional, unlike the fantastic (yet still functional) creations I see often on the forum.
  5. Been running RSS lately, so I've been using the typical 2-stage to orbit rockets we are most familiar with. I tend to shy away from asparagus or onion staging in favor of a more streamlined rocket shape. As this is RSS, each stage needs approximately 4.7km/s of dv, so the stages are quite large. My current largest launcher can put 84t into Low Earth Orbit, and costs 2.5mil kerbucks (most of the cost is the massive engines). Working on recovery, I am able to recover about 50% of the cost of the first stage on most launches. Back in the day in the stock game I did some SSTO/spacepla
  6. Somewhere in 2013-2014 iirc. Currently have 1600 hours on Steam, plus another 400 or so offline.
  7. Continued my RSS Career, now up to year 1995 (RSS starts at 1955 or so). Moving past Earth's SOI, I sent probes to Jupiter, Saturn, Ceres, Vesta, Venus, and Mars. The Recon Probes, as I called them, were equipped with an Argon-fueled final stage that imparts 8km/s dv upon the Experiment Container, with a few tiny solar panels, a probe core, and a heat shield for re-entry. The first returning probe (returning from Mars) entered the atmosphere much too steeply, and crashed into the ocean at a speed between several hundred to several thousand m/s. Needless to say, we did not recover t
  8. I realized, joyously, that Steam and CKAN now keep copies of old versions. Installed 1.6 (was hoping for 0.90 -- but hey I'll take what I can get!), installed Real Solar System, TAC Life Support, and several other mods, and started a new No-Revert Career game. Made a series of launchers to take stuff to Low Earth Orbit, did some contracts, and built a space station for that sweet tourism money. The launchers at this time were only capable of taking 7kt to LEO, so the station was made up of small-ish modules. As different modules were added, I would send up a maintenance shuttle wit
  9. Either this weird little plane: Or this mobile science lab:
  10. 1500 hours on Steam, with at least another 200+ playing the 64-bit version before it became the default.
  11. A few random (modded) stations I've built over the past few months:
  12. No screenshots since I forgot to plan ahead, but I've been working on several KoS scripts. The first one was a simple launch script, which I'm happy to say is working after many hours of tinkering. My second script was a bit more complicated, as it involved taking the ship from Kerbin Orbit to Munar orbit. With a bit of reading, I finally figured out how to create a manuever node, and "push" it around my orbit until I get an encounter, then refining the encounter periapsis, warping to periapsis, and lowering apoapsis to make an orbit. This one took me much longer to get correct! (
  13. KSP was one of the few games that I didn't realize I needed until I saw it on Steam for the first time. I had no idea that space exploration and spaceship building would be something I could put so much time into. At this point, it's one of my most played games ever, with over 1500+ hours put into it.
  14. That's quite a challenge! But I highly suggest OP read the Challenge Submission Guide. There is one quote in particular that I think should be mentioned: I'm very interested in seeing OPs attempt
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