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  1. I suspect this disaster was the impetus for Kerbals starting their space program, to prevent catastrophes like this from happening again
  2. Edit: Disregard bug report, managed to get it working now
  3. "Delete All" functionality for messages app has been implemented. +1 for this, sometimes its the little things that go a long way
  4. KSP 3 will be an interstellar war series where you build combat craft.
  5. Hmm wonder if aliens will be added too if interstellar travel is a thing
  6. Yeah rl always should come first, but thanks for returning and keeping this cool mod going!
  7. First ever Kerbal deaths? Probably either a failed Kerbin take off, or high speed impact on the Munw
  8. I would also like to see more signs of intelligent life on Kerbin outside the KSC. Then again thats not saying much with some of the stupid things I design over time..
  9. Over time while building craft you can end up with quite a large collection of vehicles in the VAB and SPH. Minor modifications to one design get saved as a new version, and before you know it you have, for example, Miner V1s - V10s saved and it clutters up the load panel. V10 of your miner might be the best one you made, but you don't want to delete the previous verisons. Maybe earlier versions have a nostalgic feel or you messed up somewhere in the later designs and you need to recall earlier designs. What if you had the option to make a design obsolete, which would hide it from the default load menu, but still be available if you click a box marked "show obsolete designs." Currently the only options are either delete the craft file, or manually move/delete craft. I believe that an option like this would benefit players by helping to keep their load craft options more manageable, whilst still letting them be able to reatain earlier designs.
  10. Not sure what you mean by the same as the regular website? To add somethign via code on steam, click add a game in the bottom left, then activate a product on steam, then just follow the step by step instructions
  11. Download steam, then use the code to redeem it?
  12. Got my mods back up to date, and back in the save game I had setup and running. Still tons of science left on the Mun to gather, and also some things to find with rovers too apparently. For now, just going to gather more cash and science, though I do have a Duna window coming up very soon..
  13. Milking those tourist contracts early on to make some cash for later
  14. You mean this? Afaik it wouldn't work in KSP since KSP doens't have n body physics, or lagrange points..