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  1. Think it was a random comment on a youtube video that got me to looking it up
  2. And end up with around 5000 naff DLCs within a week? Yeah pass
  3. I think theres a lot of KSP vids and youtubers out at this point, makes it harder to get noticed unless you do something unique or unusual.
  4. This predates that mod iirc. It was like a mini awacs dish that could be mounted to craft (carts worked well too).
  5. Would be between: Mechjeb Space plane parts (before they became stock) Anomaly finder (forget the exact name)
  6. On approach to that small black dot visible in the background Same dot, now a bit closer and more colourful Now braking into orbit, with our target visible on the left Swinging around the dark side of Jool, with 3 other moons visible Approaching the moon to enter orbit Now in orbit and ready to fire the engines Unfortunately the other craft for the mission experienced some rapid unplanned disassembly, so these guys and girls will have to wait around the Joolian system for a couple of years at least for it to arrive.
  7. Time to get off this purple rock. First to fuel up my escape craft. Saying goodbye to the craft that has served as home during the stay High enough. Time to fire the engines And detach the balloons Side stages gone, still building up speed. Now to cruise to target altitude And finalising the orbit burn. Been fun Eve. Now to rendezvous with my mother craft and return to Kerbin for some R&R
  8. Getting an early start to finish off the last 3 biomes I need to get science from, then back to my craft which will get me off this purple rock.
  9. @Dirkidirk The baloons are from Hooligan Labs mod, using Firespitter electric engines too. As to getting it onto Eve, it was easier to build it on site then try and land it. Found that out the hard way. Oh I should also mention I'm on version 1.7.2
  10. Currently travelling across Eve, gathering science data. Also Eve is very purple. Just so much purple.
  11. I suspect this disaster was the impetus for Kerbals starting their space program, to prevent catastrophes like this from happening again
  12. Edit: Disregard bug report, managed to get it working now
  13. "Delete All" functionality for messages app has been implemented. +1 for this, sometimes its the little things that go a long way
  14. KSP 3 will be an interstellar war series where you build combat craft.
  15. Hmm wonder if aliens will be added too if interstellar travel is a thing
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