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  1. Nice. To be honest, I'm just happy that someone was actually able to look into this idea and came up with some promising results. Half the reason I didn't try looking for the solution myself is because I'm running on a stock Dell laptop meant for college, Lol. Good to know we've found a way to help other people with more powerful PCs make their game look that much better!
  2. Well, I've never seen anyone do it. That's not to say no one has had that idea before... But the best way to never improve is to talk yourself out of trying. I'd at least like to see the performance hit, rather than talk my self out of trying based on fear of failure.
  3. (CREDIT GIVEN TO WHOMEVER MADE THIS SCREEN SHOT. IT IS NOT MINE AND I CLAIM NO RIGHTS TO IT) We've all seen this amazing CG screen shot of a rocket traveling upwards through its gravity turn on the RealPlume thread on this website. But, why is it that no one has found a way to make that a reality yet? Sure... More densely packed smoke particles coming out of the back of your rockets looks great! But what is the purpose if the smoke doesn't hang around for as long as smoke normally would in a real-world rocket launch? I say we work towards that goal. RealPlume is a great mod, but it can be made better. My first idea (and only idea, really) is to task someone, who knows KSP well enough, to find the settings, or the code, that controls how long smoke sticks around for before it fades out. All it would take is simply modifying this number from, say, 10 seconds, to 3 or 4 minutes. If anyone else has any other ideas please feel free to post them here! Go forth and create!!!
  4. @Avera9eJoe So TextureReplacer was updated for KSP 1.5, does this mean WindowShine will be able to update now too?
  5. @FreeThinker I usually only play KSP when all the mods I have installed are current relative to the KSP version. With KSP now at 1.5, what is the ETA on having KSPIE updated for KSP 1.5? I don't mean to be pushy, and I'm certainly not trying to say "Hurry up". I'm just curious so I can update my mod list as soon as I'm able.
  6. Sooooooo... Does Window Shine ABSOLUTELY NEED Texture Replacer Replaced? Or will it work perfectly fine with Texture Replacer 3.2? @Avera9eJoe Same question to you. Really who ever answers first.
  7. I need to get back into KSP but holy hell from the pictures people are posting in this thread, THIS MOD LOOKS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC
  8. Well, It's complicated. I went into the SVE Textures file and replaced the LaytheClouds texture with one from another pack and just named it the same. And for Jool I deleted the two textures used for Jool in the SVE Textures file and copy pasted a bunch of other textures from a different pack and used the EVE GUI in game to create all of those textures' config points. Specifically I used the old config settings from the other pack and just replicated them in the EVE GUI. And scatterer, I just tinkered with the config tool myself until I got what I liked. Trust me, there's a lot more to what I did. I just don't want to write a novel explaining every detail.
  9. Finally got all the textures transferred over. Took the better part of two days, but it was WELL worth it.
  10. Awesome! I just noticed. When you said EVE GUI I thought you meant something outside of the actual game.
  11. @Galileo Thanks for the suggestion! One more question though, Will changing the Type in the EVE GUI to RGBA render all of your textures inert?
  12. Hey @Galileo I'm messing around with your code to insert my own textures and I'm only getting issues with Jool. I'm using your settings and textures for every planet except for Jool and Laythe. I've successfully replaced your LaytheClouds texture with your duna1 texture and scaled it to fit the Joolian moon. The textures I'm trying to add in are from an older visual pack, and so are their .cfg files. So I tried converting the old information in the older .cfg files for these textures to the format in your current .cfg files and it's not working. OBJECT { name = Jool-Layers1 body = Jool speed = 0,-200,0 altitude = 70000 offset = 0,0,0 settings { _DetailScale = 4 _Color = 255,255,255,455 _UVNoiseAnimation = 0,0 _UVNoiseScale = 0 _UVNoiseStrength = 0 _MainTex { value = StockVisualEnhancements/Textures/joolLayers1 type = AlphaMap alphaMask = ALPHAMAP_R } _DetailTex { value = StockVisualEnhancements/Textures/detail1 } _UVNoiseTex { value = StockVisualEnhancements/Textures/uvnoise1 } } Layer2D { macroCloudMaterial { } } } Thats the only current section of code I have inserted into your SVE_Clouds File. Do you see anything corrupting in that section of code that would cause the textures not to show up? I must say that the nature of the textures I'm working with may be the culprit. Being that they were implemented in an older, different pack than yours. Their settings in the code may have to be specific for them to work.
  13. Hey @Galileo! Long time no see. I've got a bit of an issue... Well, maybe. It may be that it's supposed to be like this or there isn't a fix for it yet. The demarcation line between night and day on every planet with an atmosphere seems to have a hard termination point. Exhibit A: Exhibit B: Exhibit C: Is this normal? Or no?
  14. @Streetwind One more question, where does the .cfg file for the LFO conversion go? in the GameData Folder, Near Future SpaceCraft folder, The Parts Folder? Update: I went in and changed the deprecated engines' .cfg files to be usable again. They show up in the VAB and in the R&D Center again.