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  1. @Kerbas_ad_astra where does that patch go? +1 for 1.0.2 release and thread title
  2. Koby I suggest thread title: [1.0.2] Trajectories v1.2.0 : atmospheric predictions [FAR required for now while we fix Stock]
  3. @atomicfury thanks for working on this, I love this mod and cant wait to use it in 1.0 To create a pull request, from your master branch into @youen's master branch: If you instead want to pull request to fat-lobyte's master branch (which I think is where you forked from?): You can review the complete diffs on these pages as well as opening the PR's. And finally I got to these links by clicking "Compare" on the page you linked
  4. I want to make a dropship from Dust 514. These ships are neutrally buoyant; you steer with these controls: thrust +normal (up through the axis of your ship) thrust -normal (down through the axis of your ship) pitch roll yawYour antigrav repulsors look like a great place to start. I will check out the source code in your zip; but I would really love a github repo to follow and fork! -NJ