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  1. I did all the calculations for the Hohmann Transfer from this thread, got it all right, used Hyperedit to put myself in Kerbal Orbit, did the proper burns at the proper times, and hit the planet smack dab on the mark. My question is, it took FOREVER to get to the point of hitting the planet. The Duna Phase Angle was 45 degrees, and it took Kerbal nearly 300 days to get there. Is this just how it's supposed to work?
  2. My apologies. I wasn't seeking support, I just thought that was pertaining to this thread to share what seems to be arguing with what since the release of .25. I suppose that because it works, it shouldn't be here. Sorry.
  3. Update: I reinstalled a fresh copy of the game, installed Active Texture Management, Environmental Visual Enhancements, and Astronomers Visual Pack. Everything booted up fine. I then started installing mods one by one and booting the game to see when it would crash. FAR did fine. A few others did fine. Then I installed B9 (5.2.4). Boom. Crash after the loading screen and before the start menu.
  4. If I try to use Astronomer's Visual Pack - Edge of Oblivion (7-4), and by extension Environmental Visual Enhancements (7-4), the game crashes after the loading screen and before the Main Menu. I am not certain how to see the cause of the crash. Just says it crashes. Even with Active Texture Management installed.
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