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  1. Yes work in progress, we’re still deciding which satellites to recreate next, watch this space
  2. It should say in the assembly area build info, but i believe ideal is 70,000km (close to atmosphere boundary) but operates up to 125,000km
  3. Hello all, The SSTL outreach team are looking for a couple of volunteer KSP proficient programmers to work with SSTL_Pete and Akron (author behind ProbesPlus) on the SSTL Satellite Pack mod . SSTL would like to add some gameplay features that enhance the game around the use of satellites. We are also thinking about adding to the parts pack some of our more unique satellites, one being a satellite that removes debris that has a number of technologies to capture space debris, including a net and harpoon capture system. However this has a number of technical game challenges if we w
  4. Cheers Andiron. There was an issue with the SCANsat compatibility configuration file. Satellite pack has now been updated to version 0.3 and should work now.
  5. Yes we are, our HQ is on the research park in Guildford, UK. www.sstl.co.uk
  6. Calling all Kerbinauts, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. has released a part mod, containing SSTL Satellites. In our first release of this mod we have the 300S1 satellite and launch ring adaptor. As features and more satellite parts are added to this mod we hope to set some interesting and unique challenges to the community using our satellites. However for now our first challenge is relatively simple. Constellation Challenge #1 - Start date 06/04/2018: Set up a constellation of a number of "SSTL 300S1" satellites from a single launch around Kerbin such that in any one standard
  7. Now available to be downloaded from Curseforge as well
  8. Thank you CobaltWolf. Akron (and Coatl Aerospace) has done a great job. Hope you enjoy.
  9. Hello all Kerbonauts, Would you like the chance of flying a REAL satellite around Kerbin? Do you want to simulate a true to life satellite constellation that (in real life) images at 1 metre resolution? Then look no further Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL) has teamed up with Coatl Aerospace to deliver a KSP version of SSTL's very own 300S1 satellite! SSTL satellite constellations provide daily orbital multi-spectral images to aid in mapping of environmental changes, vital for agriculture, disaster response and research. This download includes the 300S1 satellite and it
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