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  1. Couldn't you just re-make the textures yourself (that way you can't be C-R'd for stealing textures) and then re-package them with the mod for future releases if Squad scraps these awesome textures? I know absolutely nothing about how things like this work, so I'm only assuming that it would be as easy as re-creating the textures (like having the originals open, and then re-creating them on your own in an editor of some kind), then re-pathing the mod so that it uses the textures that you made rather than the ones in the default files?
  2. it uhh... seem you were going... just a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitle to fast... otherwise that looks really awesome :D!
  3. That sucks that you couldn't get it to work.. it would have been really cool to see it work like that. Maybe if/when you do make it compatible with Galactic Neighbors (I don't think they'd mind, seeing as like... 4 of all the listed mods are actually updated and work...) you could get it to work properly like the Trinary it is, with a Barrycenter orbiting a Barrycenter and another star XD and cool! its always fun to see mods that people created for their own fun released for others to play with too
  4. **slow clap** you sir... deserve to be imortilized in a monument for re-introducing this effect... Quick! someone make a mod that lets you place monoliths, find one of the special green asteroids, attach the monolith to it, and put it either into orbit, or send it through the Atmosphere
  5. you know what would be really cool? If @Sigma88 could get this to work with his(? a couple people work on it, i'm not exactly sure) mod "Galactic Neighbors" because it would be super awesome if there was a trynary system orbiting near by! Hmm... now I wonder if it would be possible to get these planets to work with his other mod Sigma Binary... it might be hard because the way you have this set up, is with A and B orbiting a Barry Center with Proximus orbiting around that. It'd be really cool (If you havent tried already either) to get A and B orbiting a Barry, with A-B Barry orbiting yet another Barry, with Proximus orbiting that! ANYWAY! I'm off to go explore the... *counts planets* uhh... 27 or so new planets that I have thanks to OPM (By @CaptRobau), Kerbol Plus (by @amarius1), and New Horizons (by @KillAshley) and yes... I'm still looking for more stuff to add... I think the hardest part will be using Antenna Range to still be able to still send probes to them all without setting up a bunch of interstellar satellites XD
  6. After playing this game for... 2 years now, I've accumulated about 500 according to Steam... and thats when I was online. If I had to guess, I'd say I'm somewhere around 1000 hours plus... I joined in 0.24, the version had just changed from 0.23.2 I think, and I was watching Scott Manely fly a rocket, explaining something about how speed works in the vacuum of space or something... I immediatly put KSP onto my wishlist, and not a week later 0.24 was released, and the game went on sale (I think that was the Alpha > Beta release), I instantly bought it and was in love. Come to now, several versions, hundreds of mods played, updated, waved goodbye to the update walls, and I still have yet to make a space ship capable of making it to Duna, without cheating... One of these days, Jeb will step out, let a single tear roll down his cheek as he plants a flag, "Thanks for the fun times Felipe... Bob won't stop screaming" Take care, be safe, and Godspeed....
  7. I'm not sure really, Its been quite a while since I did a mass science mission, I'm still struggling to get to the Mun after restarting a few times. If I run into any generic Squad ones I'll try to run it a few times and see if it keeps giving the same one and I'll let you know!
  8. uhhh... I'm not sure... like... just sometimes the comunity logs don't show up, and its the default Squad logs
  9. Can confirm more or less works with 1.1.3. I've always had issues with some of the science logs not displaying, and getting the generic green copy/paste that Stock is from some of the science, but I do get witty comments and things, for example, while "landed" in a grasslands biome, I had jeb hope out and cling to the ladder, do an EVA and got something along the lines of "Just don't let go", I was laughing so hard I hit the space bar and Jeb fell down... couldn't get back into my ship so I had to recover him, then the ship X3
  10. Dang... I was really hoping I'd be able to fudge something... I wanted to use it with OPM (and a few others, I just discovered you "Galactic Neighborhood" mod and am looking at the thread with a list of compatible mods XD)
  11. If we plan to use this with Antenna Range, what steps should we take to get the high ranged antenna? I like the limitations of Antenna Range, having to set up relays, but I don't like the realisticness of RemoteTech, I preffer having a 1:1 reaction time with my ships, and accidentally flying behind a planet, loosing control of the ship, only to have it crash into a moon or burn up in re-entry, doesn't really appeal to me. Would it be as simple as ripping the mod part from RT to make this work? or would we need to do some slighly more cheatsy things to make it work? (IIRC I had ripped the seismic sensor from Interstellar Quest back in uh... Beta I think, maybe .90? maybe earlier I can't remember. For the most part the single part I ripped worked, I just got an error saying the mod was installed incorrectly every time I started the game XD)
  12. I hate to be that guy... but... well I mean I'm going to test it, it'll be a little while before I respond, but does anyone know if this would work in 1.0.5? theoretically it should... I mean as far as I know, the way science is done and all that hasn't changed, so this SHOULD work... I'll get back to you guys in a bit
  13. What are your quality settings at? If you have them set to low, it might be the reason for that, but other than that, I don't know why it would give them such a low res image
  14. Scrutinizing complete, Info: It looks great! As you said, its a first draft. Now, about this probe, what SAS level will it have? IMO: if you can maybe put a few dents into the side (via textures to avoid hi poly count), you could totally get away with this being a SAS lv1 or even an SAS lv0! Maybe another one with similar design (and textures) only with "Space Tape" in the place where the dents were, giving it a "better" look and thus a higher SAS level (next level up of coarse ) And to test my hand at my rusty math skills, does that probe (In the picture) have a 72 poly count? Somewhere near there~ish The description for the first one could be something like: "We found it on the side of a rode, taped to the side of a cardboard box with 'tIme MacHine' written on the side. Unfortunately when we turned it into the lost and found, no-one claimed it so we took the rusty metal thing off the side of the box and decided to attach it to a rocket with hot glue! So far we've only had two reports of explosions" And, if you (or anyone reading this) don't get the refference, its to Calven and Hobs, their Time Machine being a box with something like "tIme MacHine" written on the side.
  15. by all means YES! Please enter, bring this thread back to life! GIVE IT A SECOND CHANCE!! I'm sure there are alot of people out there who want to start a mod, but arn't sure where they should, or how, and this is a GREAT way for them to get a bit of experince and feedback on their mods!
  16. Oh no! Don't give up! The best thing to do is, and I hate to say it after what you've said you've done..., but the best thing to do is start over, and rather than from scratch, you can start from somewhere where you left off. I have the version that you released before working on it again, so if you want to use that I can send it your way, just let me know. I myself haven't noticed anything, other than funny looking probes that land on another celestial body and return XD
  17. Great! The pictures look amazing. I'll give it a download now. And if I ever get into modeling (I plan to make a mod myself based around probes) I'll try and give you a hand!
  18. I want to make a Rouge Gas Giant that got captured in Kerbols SOI after passing to close to Kerbol and burnt off allot of gas, mostly due to how cold it was from traveling in interstellar space. I want its orbit to somewhere between Dres and Duna, but I'm afraid that it'll mess up the SOI of the other two planets when trying to go to them, but I also don't want to have to put it really far out that it'll be endgame. I want it to be a Midgame Gas Giant, but its orbit needs to be highly inclined, and very eccentric. I'm wondering where I should put the Semi-major axis, and if there are any other things that will effect how it's orbit appears?
  19. @Kuibrid: Do you think you could post some pictures on the OP? I suggest using Imgur because you can use a special tag to put the album on the page, take a look at this page for a bunch of things you can do, including how to embed the Imgur album
  20. So, where is the Strange Matter collected? Is it collected anywhere, or do you have to be in a certain place for it to generate?
  21. Downloading now... I have a butchered "modified" version of KSPI so I can use the WasteHeat parts, and as a "side effect" of that, I now have the impact science of the Seismometer, and the radiation from it as well (but I dunno what dat does xpx) I'm going to keep it installed, but this is amazing! Now I have an excuse for smashing my space trash into the surface of the Mun!! Um... er- I mean... Now I can get even MOAR SCIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111!!one!!!!!@
  22. Is this mod still in development D: Last time I downloaded it you had the same things... I think the decoupler and battery are new... I'd love to be able to build an Octo probe, complete with engine!
  23. Here ya go Fox, have fun playing with the pudding Krakens! http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/111524-WIP-Minmus-Mintchip-Sprinkle-now-with-working-DL OH! Fair warning, when your finally getting close to Sprinkle, make sure you look at it in ship view mode... that way you can avoid a potentially deadly (but delisiouse) katastrophy... a few times I have accidentally rammed slammed launched at Ludicrous speed came in to fast and heard an explosion, switched to ship view mode, only to see a deadly death ball of deadly spikes of death twitching and sputtering in and out of existance... The reason that happened is because I had the kopernicus file telling it WHERE to be, but I didn't have two other files that told it HOW to be there... so... as soon as I touched the SOI, it was like throwing the probe at the surface of Jool... KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! (and yes, its a joke, I know Jool doesn't have a surface, but if you DO go deep enough you just... poof)