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  1. I have an incredibly silly and embarrassing question. I'm fairly sure the first time I installed this I misunderstood the directions and wrote over the stock textures? The stock textures are gone, I'm fairly sure, and when I uninstall/reinstall it seems like Steam just restored my last install and I still didn't have the stock textures. TL;DR I've done something horribly wrong and I need to know how to restore my game.
  2. Thanks! I'm not sure how these things work to be honest. Obviously one solution is, you know, don't take those contracts, but if it had to do with the mod I thought it was best to report it.
  3. I don't know if this has been brought up, but I got some seriously unbalanced contracts. Before I had even completed the orbit Kerbin mission I got three contracts with advances of several million, plus 10k+ science points with a 10% commitment to outsourced R&D. I was able to upgrade nearly every building to max level and research most of the tech tree while holding on to about 4 million dollars. The contracts aren't particularly hard, either: test [Extraplanetary Launchpads part] on a suborbital trajectory. The only tricky thing is they short-ish deadlines, but as noted above, I now have access to every engine in the game.
  4. I tested it out, and the root part bug is the issue. So, just make sure the service compartment isn't your root part when you launch!
  5. Anyone else getting a weird bug where reloading the game causes the service compartment to shrink?
  6. In the discussion on the 1.0 announcement I saw an educator with two daughters make a comment about how the lack of female kerbals turned his daughters and students away from the game. It makes a difference, and I think it's a great addition to the game, especially when you consider KSP's potential as an educational tool. It's also a step toward realism; since, you know, there are plenty of women who work for NASA.
  7. Hey so, I really love this mod, and in principle prefer it over Universal Storage (looks cleaner, way fewer parts, US seems like cheating, somehow, in terms of rocket design). My big problem though is integrating the Science Jr, because of its size and finnicky attachment. Anyone have suggestions?
  8. Simple fix: f12 to open your debug menu, go to contracts, add "exploration missions" until you see the ones you've missed. You'll get a few duplicates (I have three identical "explore Ike" contracts available) and you can't clear them from your available contracts, but it more or less works.
  9. Hey so this is a weird one: So my game has been working ~more or less as normal since .25, been patient and haven't tried to use any broken mods (Okay I DID try to use treeloader but it seems like it's probably broken forever and the weird issue it was causing cleared up when I removed it, which was well before this new thing happened). I started a new career mode save yesterday and I've gotten through the tech tree disturbingly fast (strategies might be badly balanced). Anyway, just finished my Mun mission and went to get my contracts for Minmus and Duna and Ike but--no dice. There are no new contracts available. I looked around to see if there was a fix and a couple of people said that, in general, mods that add contracts can screw with the game's contract system. I uninstalled the one mod I have that affects contracts--StationScience 1.3 (2.5 compatible) and reloaded my save. The contract for Ike appeared! But not Duna or Minmus. I uninstalled ALL my mods and loaded the game unmodded, but still no contract for Duna or Minmus. It's past my bedtime and I won't be able to upload the log or the full list of mods until tomorrow. Throwing this out there now in case anyone has a fix off the top of their head. Also, it's kind of irritating me, and this was therapeutic.
  10. My astronaut complex doesn't seem to be generating female kerbals? I assume I've done something wrong, but I didn't do anything differently from 2.4.2. Male heads and suits are both loading fine. Update: a female kerbal showed up (!!!) but; I'm pretty sure the mustache was unintended.