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  1. I'd like to volunteer as an artist for this, I recently acquired a Wacom drawing tablet and am ready to go.
  2. Awesome work so far. any other progress yet? no rush XD. How can I get in on "reimagining" these ships?
  3. I mean, is there a hotkey to open up the menu on the start up screen with the server list
  4. @godarklight https://www.mediafire.com/?01nhbaf101ww9b1 I can't get the DMP menu to pop up when I open KSP.. I'm using the latest version of DMP with the latest version of KSP. I've tried both the Dev versions and the full version.
  5. I have the newest KSP and the Newest DMP version and the server menu won't pop up. Is there a hotkey to open up the server menu
  6. Why did I make this... seriously just, just why.
  7. Hey 8bit... I mean PastaRasta... I mean Lord Pasta bud. I got two crafts for you, both of them I have made Timelapses for on my Channel and was wondering if you could review them for me. First up the United Kerbal Navy Corps Exploration Class Cruiser: The Spirit of Autumn Timelapse: Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/?z03ic4r2y2zva99 Next up is the United Kerbal Navy Corps Fighter Division: Merlin Fighter Timelapse: Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/?676d8u338rt2a3r Both are pure stock as always, thanks in advanced
  8. Decided to start working on Part 2 of the "Return of the U.K.N.C." And I needed an exploration Cruiser so I decided to make a Timelapse too show it off. The United Kerbal Navy Corps Exploration Class Cruiser: The Spirit of Autumn The Cruiser comes equipped with: 12 Surface Probes (Parachute, Solar Panel, and Radio Communicator) 6 Surface Land Rovers 4 Landing Legs 4 Landing Gears 8 VTOL Engines 4 Main Engines Crew Capacity of 12
  9. Alright well thank you, I bet that thats gonna be one of you most challenging ones so far. you should get money for that art work, so thank you for your free service.
  10. Hey I've been looking at your artwork and I believe that you are doing a fantastic job, so, heres a screenshot that I think would be cool reimagened:
  11. This is the continuation and standalone sequel to my KSP war series: The Return of the U.K.N.C. I hope you enjoy. Please comment what you thought of it.
  12. My new cinematic as a Continuation and Standalone sequel to my KSP war series: The Return of the United Kerbal Navy Corps I hope you all enjoy. This is posted on my Youtube channel at www.youtube.com/user/FTWG4M3RS
  13. The Lancelot Corporation Frigate: Meteor Shower This is a craft I built for my new youtube series.
  14. http://www.twitch.tv/ftwg4m3rs
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