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  1. I have been looking around, and i have been looking fora tool that logs all of your launches, stuff like name of craft, cost, crew, date of launch etc. That way i can export it and look at my launch history. Is there a plug in that does that?
  2. I seem to get different numbers to that, I have given up on the Skycrane and using the planet base module, just going to build a large lander for 5 kerbals and put it on the ground. That will be my base for the contract. Even if it did work, i would have to launch a second one, land in the same place and dock it. And considering i can't even get this up into the atmosphere correctly, i don't think i am going to be able to do the rest anytime soon.
  3. Just tried it, only has a TWR of 0.75, doesnt take off. If you combine Mainsail and Kickback stages, Dv becomes roughly 4400
  4. Okay, so rocket 5.0 Don't think it is going to fly though as the CoM is way too low. I replaced an orange tank with a dedicated Poodle for the trip to the Mun. Just need to see if this gets into orbit. EDIT: I had to fight it slightly on ascent, but it held and when i cut the engines, it didn;t flip. Sadly i reached 75,000 with only 758 Dv left in the orange tank, and that was supposed to make my orbit, so i had the 2000Dv tank for Mun transfer, orbit etc. At least it didn't flip
  5. Total payload is 12.7 Tonnes. It's not like it is super heavy. I still need to put it in a fairing once my tests are done, but trying to build a 5500 Dv rocket to get to the Mun is proving hard. Okay, so i did everything you said @FullMetalMachinist but sadly one side still collides and it is still flip happy, i had to fight it even harder as it climbed
  6. Well i Manged to get around some of it by cutting the engines and then letting them go. But the when its the central stage on its own it wants to flip, i had to fight it all the way up but once more when the engines cut it went into a flip. Its costing me nearly 5000 Dv as well to get into orbit with this thing too. So a mun mission is out of the question
  7. Okay, so my first ever Asparagus style ship Here is how it goes: Tanks West and East supply fuel from their central tanks to the upper central tank (that way the center is as stable as possible during ascent. Upper and Lower tanks drain fuel into the center to try and maintain center of mass. Tanks North and South Central feed East/West central. Upper and Lower feeds central again. North/ South drops first followed by East/West. Weirdly Mechjeb can't calculate the Dv after the first two tanks drop. It spent 3 minutes flashing different figures on two stages until it got it's story right. If what Mechjeb says is true, this aint going to the mun. Edit. Just launched it, seemed to be going well until it came to drop the fuel tanks, it usual style the tanks decided to colide with the center despite using the spaced out decouplers.
  8. So here it is, my new rocket Now it says that the TWR is 1.32, but when i launch its 1.17. Now of course thiswon't be enough to get me to the Mun, but the good news is that it doesn't flip as the CoM seems to be in the center of the central rocket. Personally i would like those boosters to be between the central rocket and the aux rockets, but i have no idea about going for that. I am just thinking, all this thrust and i can't get one measly planetbase module to the Mun xD
  9. Okay, so this poses a new question, how the fudgecake do you build a top heavy rocket when the fuel tanks and engines reside at the bottom?
  10. I am just glad it got up, even if it takes an age to respond. Alas the mission failed anyway, the rocket didn't have enough Dv to make a mun orbit so tried to land hard straight from intercept, turns out 852 Dv for that wasn't enough.
  11. Okay so a fair few replies so here it goes: I started with @Plusck's ideas and replaced the engines with skippers to get TWR to 1.99, I placed a OKTO2 inbetween the decoupler and the fairing and on launch clicked on 'control from here', Since i don't have VAB Level 3 yet i couldn't create a custom action group, but i locked the gimbal on the engines. I tried to stick to the prograde marker going upwards, but sadly at 6000m it flipped. So i went and downloaded the fix. The good news is this time it worked, but the craft has issues. I had to fight it all the way to avoid another flip - at least the fairing doesn't wobble now - And once i turned off the engines at 35,000m the ship went into a slow backwards roll upon which it will never recover. Quite alot of my craft seem to do that and i don't know why, It flips backwards, like the weight of the front is too heavy and sending it backwards, but the bottom of my rockets is the heaviest. The only way to fix it is to blast the engines once i leave the atmosphere
  12. Ok i am fairly sure everyone must be sick of me asking things by now BUT: This is my first ever off world base ship. This is going to drop a module instead of just landing a ship down and calling it a base. I even used the infernal robotics hinge to create a deployable 'skycrane' thing. Here is the issue, when i take it off, it wobbles. It wobbles like there is no tomorrow and eventually it flips, not matter the altitude. Now, if i remove the fairing and try again it is better, but drag pulls it down more and eventually it will do the same thing. The thing is, the fairing has auto created some struts, but i can't create any more to the wall lining myself. Not exactly sure how to do this now. Any ideas?
  13. I have finally managed to dock, it took some patience, two thing though: 1) The image of my ship was not at its final stage, the large fuel tank decouples away, so RCS is better aligned, but still not perfect. 2)I have MJ but am playing career, i don't have Autopiliot/Autodock yet
  14. Okay, So i just had enough fuel to push it out so it is now orbiting the sun. I was able to do a science experiment to get me some science while high over the sun. I still activate the tracking button though.
  15. Hi All, So i have been busy launching my recently discovered SENTINEL Telescope into LKO and i don't know what it does. It gives me options to track object and take observations, if i take observations it just disappears off the menu and says i can't do it and if i click track it does nothing. It also keeps telling me the telescope is inactive. I have the level 3 tracking center and even got the Telescope to target a incoming asteroid and had no luck. Anyone know what this thing actually does?
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