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  1. Hi all. I have transferred a science save from 1.0 to 1.0.2. All my mods are there, and I'm not getting any errors on start or load. Everything seems OK except that when I select the science tree, there is nothing there at all. The tree is completely missing. Everything else from the save is there but that. Anybody else have this issue, and hopefully a fix? Thanks UPDATE: I fixed this by loading a quicksave. It set me back a little bit, but the science tree now displays like it should, so I'm happy.
  2. For some reason I can't activate the Multispectral Sensor. I didn't have any issue with the Altimetry Sensor. I am using the same Sat base I did with the Altimetry Sensor, but I get no right click/activate menu. I have power and everything looks good. Anybody else have an issue with this? Thanks. JerryT Edit update. I got it to work, but had to put one on another satellite in the VAB, and placement was very picky. I tried it multiple times. Sometimes it would work, and other times not. I actually have it mounted facing inwards on this unit, but it worked in the VAB, and it worked in space. Just make sure you can open it in the VAB after you mount it, and it should be good to go.
  3. Nope. In orbit and a steady attitude.
  4. Thanks. I tried this, and it is better, but he still falls off the capsule 5 out of 6 times. At least he didn't get propelled away like he was shot out of a cannon.
  5. Not that I can see. I try some basic flights and test it out. Thanks.
  6. This is exactly the problem I'm having. Hope this one gets squashed soon.
  7. Hi all. New Kerbalnaut here. I'm having an issue with EVA maybe someone could help me with. No matter what attitude, orbit, or orientation, when I hit EVA my Kerbal comes flying out of the hatch like he has blown it off. I haven't found anything that says to depressurize before EVA, or anything like that. On the ground he also just falls off the lander even with the ladder in place. I must be missing something obvious here. Anybody have any ideas? I'm using Win-7, and the 32 bit KSP. Thanks. JerryT