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  1. almost 500 posts!!! Let's keep going!!!
  2. it is likely that they release it at 12.00 of pacific time due all the bad gateways we are currently experiencing
  3. we need to keep going! engage the afterburners!!
  4. wow my internet can't cope with all this HYPE!!!
  5. *Raises glass* Thank you Squad for combining two of my favourite things (space and games) into an awesome game and introducing me to pc gaming.
  6. i just sacrificed 20 kerbals to the kraken to keep this train alive!!! choo-choo!!!
  7. When your last stage has the potential to keep firing for 13 years at full throttle.
  8. will the next version support http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/100385-Community-Tech-Tree-1-0 ?
  9. and now the wait for mods starting to update themselves to use this tree begins:sticktongue:
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