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  1. I made a post specifically for people looking for a place to start: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/193227-how-to-build-your-own-kerbal-control-panel/
  2. There's been some interest about a guide for how to build a custom Kerbal Control Panel, so here is a high-level guide to the steps involved. I'll take you through the general flow, but something worth mentioning is that design is not linear - many things influence one-another. You often learn things you didn't know along the way. If you go into your build with that mindset, you can turn unexpected turns into happy accidents. Let's jump right in! Brainstorm Think about your Budget Tools Workspace A note on Documentation High Level Design Prototyping
  3. I think the edge between the rows of tape might not look super great. My plan is to use some kind of dark-grey paint over aluminum to give a cockpit-type feel.
  4. Hi Ser, I would like to use this mod with a specific version of KSP I am currently running, but your changelog lists version 0.7.1 as compatible with KSP 1.3.0. Do you know if this version is compatible with KSP 1.3.1?
  5. I'm planning on putting Heading and Pitch gauges front and center in my new panel, thanks so much! So pumped
  6. Ah, I think I understand now - thanks! Mentally picturing that at perpendicular to the slope, it is all pitch that indicates the slope angle; and parallel to it, it's all roll. Now I see why you need both!
  7. I think I am missing something - isn't VData.Pitch just the incline of the rover, assuming the probe core is oriented the right way? Best $27 dollars I ever spent was on this game! No other game has ever come close to captivating my imagination, fueling my interest to learn more about space exploration, and pursuing it as a career! Sounds like a beautiful trip. I am so glad for this forum! I live in Vancouver, Canada. There isn't that many of us who want to build these control panels, so it would not be possible to connect with like-minded people without the internet.
  8. Are you converting from degrees to %incline? Haha, my partner teases me about how ever since I've become obsessed with this again, that it's been months since I've actually played the game. Wow! Those are pretty awesome projects. How was the polar circle?
  9. And I am very curious about how the backlighting works. Is the panel some sort of clear plastic that is masked and then etched? How is lit up from within?
  10. @ajden, that is a work of art! Such clean design, such elegant work! I just did several double-takes. Professional looking pictures too - ahhhh - so many things to compliment. I too, am curious about where you got such wonderful parts! I would love to use the switch guards, paddle toggle switches, and plastic-cover-backlit-pushbutton switches in my own build.
  11. I like your idea about using the top switch on the joystick for switching rotation/translation, I will use that. Good point about wanting to know the angle of slope for a rover, I will add that in too! Thanks very much for your ideas, is your own mk II project still in progress?
  12. In my experience, using an off-the-shelf joystick was quite inconvenient: switching between rocket/plane mode (yay, mods!) used to be a hassle, and at times I found the sensitivity to be more difficult than just using the keyboard. One of the key elements of the Mk II Konsole is it aims to customize the joystick experience. As I see that you have done @Freshmeat, I intend to add sensitivity control too - but mine will be a selector twist-switch with settings of 25/50/75/100% sensitivity. Additionally, I plan on using the one joystick for it all! Translation, Rotation, Rover-ing (mode sele
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