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  1. [quote name='Phineas Freak']If you have installed all the recommended & required mods then it means that you exceeded the 3.5 GiB RAM limit of KSP. Either remove part mods, reduce the texture quality and/or use OpenGL mode.[/QUOTE] That's not gonna work. I just tried launching it with ONLY RSS/Kopernicus installed. As well as module manager. Same problem. Here's a screenshot of all 3 mods I have installed. still rotating endlessly [URL][/URL] edit: I knew I was borderline ......... I'm sure it's just the textures I forgot to install.
  2. i'm not using RO. I'm using my own mod selection from the RO list. All updated 1.0.5 mods. The problem seems to only exist when kopernicus is in my game data folder. I'm using mods like real fuels, remote tech, FAR, SPACEY, Tweak scale, and USI LS/MKS, also procedural parts and KJR. Never had problem like this before, it's a straight black screen with the rotating ksp loading logo. All mods work perfectly untill I add kopernicus/RSS. Any one have an answer? [COLOR="silver"][SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE][/COLOR] Heres a list of my mods, and heres a picture of the error. literally one of the smallest modlists i've ever had playing this game. What am I missing?
  3. [quote name='MAFman']Not sure if this is a bug report or a "my computer sucks" report, but I simply cannot get Realism Overhaul to load. Either my KSP crashes, freezes on a black start screen with the "loading" thing spinning, or my whole computer goes down. Specs: i5 @2.7GHz 8GB 1333 DDR3 RAM generic SSD Integrated graphics :rolleyes: Integrated audo + crap speaker 1366*768 laptop monitor Usually have YouTube open in another window.[/QUOTE] literally just had the same problem and came to see what the issue is. Your computer doesn't suck because my computer rocks. I'm only using reccomended mods too so.... whats up? does this not work for 1.0.5?
  4. oh man, thanks I had no idea. O_o lame launcher.
  5. Why do you need the workaround when the launcher provides 64bit i don't get it.
  6. whats the deal-io, can i change some config so mountains aren't poking out of the clouds? :||||||||||| - - - Updated - - - also how do you increase the resolution from garbage to managable
  7. I never had any problems with EVE before but now it boots up just fine, but I get nothing. No clouds no nothing. It's like the mod isn't even there. And yeah, I installed both zips. - - - Updated - - - The mod changed, you cant see clouds in the loading screen anymore, you should let people know. Are low resolution textures the norm for this mod now? Is there an HQ option? This looks really bad.
  8. While your points are 100% let me offer a counter arguement. Real life rockets are aren't made out of cylnders stacked ontop of each other. I mean they are but they're welded together. Oh well. <3 <3 Keep up the good work.
  9. Hey i'm back. Stability is great. I think I only had 2 crashes and I really can't even blame the mod packs been playing all day lol. uhm, suggestion for mods KJR is like nessecary.
  10. Hmmm, I had several problems with what you wrote but I have been modding ksp for like 2 years so I can understand how to do it even if you didn't write it perfectly. I think for noobs and stuff writing it clearly and concisely is super important and helps with tons of confusion later on down the road. I was really just trying to do your instructions verbatim and not use my brain xD But I did have to (Oh no, what a problem -sarcasm-) But seriously, I think there are a few mods in your list that could be grouped up together and added to an "optional" section, but it's your modpack, so I don't wanna tell you how to run it. Things like "Highlighter off" "SPPC" "Rasterpropmoniter" Could all easily be migrated to an optional section, And stock clamshell fairings isn't nessecarily a visual mod? Though I guess it is personally i'd move it to gameplay. You did better work than I could of these are just suggestions. Either way i'll be back to comment on stability. Thanks again. - - - Updated - - - Epic mod confirmed.
  11. Thanks for the reply! Oh my god. It works. For one glorious minute it worked, I alt tabbed to check mem usage it was like 1.9 gigs on loading screen. When I went back to the game I can move the mouse around, it still has the KSP mouse, But its just a plain black screen. :[ I don't know if this is a persistant problem or what but i'll be back to post some fabulous screen shots when I figure it out. (Super excited for cold rockets. >.>) EDIT: Ok my pc is poopy so it wont let me take screenshots. :'( But it's pretty. Also I installed Lacks Stock Extension. Seems to be working perfectly fine. I left out all the contract stuff cause I play sandbox, and i'll probably add more mods ontop of that. Lol. The load time is impressive I guess thats the power of openGL but you picked some very nice mods that work great together. I'll come back and comment on the stability when I know more about it. Black screen problem never happened again. Great mod(pack)! Thanks!
  12. Hey, great work ect ect. I've been painstakingly installing the mods one by one ever so slowly and I have a few questions. KSPRC what do we do with the KSP_Data folder, what do we do with all the other folders besides texture replacer EVE and boulderco? Tychoskymap: All there is is a link to a nasa website where you can download various files with absolutely no installation instructions. I don't know if this is on purpose or not? I have installed skyboxes before. I never had to do this and its pretty confusing. More to come as I continue my install. - - - Updated - - - Alright heres the real link you should be using for the skybox. its on his twitch. Bleh. Where do you install the better atmospheres "Sharedassets9.assets" file. for the sunflare? I'm gonna assume that were not supposed to install anything from KSPRC than your 4 steps which says those folders I listed above. So I guess I wont be overwriting the stuff in planetshine? - - - Updated - - - The download for stock plus brings you to the " StockPlusController.cfg" file. where should I place it? - - - Updated - - - I think for stock plus you should edit it from saying adjustable wheel grip to moduelwheelfix.
  13. Does anyone have some advice? I only have RSS installed. I tried KSC switcher but it gives me problems as well. Thanks for any help!