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  1. +1000 for moving this to Google Docs. Having maintained somewhat similar information in the past in a different venue it's the best solution given the tools. Way easier for you to maintain, gives the ability to delegate, heck eventually mod authors can update it themselves if you want, allows users to maintain their own copy if they want, vastly simpler to search and do cross cuts by version and type. I've been away for 15 months and the task of pouring through which mods I used to use have been replaced, updated etc versus 1.3.1, 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 had made me throw my hands up in disgust. I had actually discounted this thread because my memory of it's original form (as can be seen in the post above) was that it was ungainly and out of date, but I came back, saw the spread sheet form and immediately snagged a copy. So many thanks and good choice.
  2. Other than a brief interlude about 15 months ago I pretty much stopped playing KSP when BTSM died with 1.05. I recognize some of the names here and the bit of thread archived above. I got a notice about 1.4.2 so I decided to pop in and give KSP another go. I knew BTSM was dead but started poking around for other mods which is how I ran across this thread. So +1 type <wave>. Unfortunately I only poke my head in when there's a new release which means it in an unsettled state w.r.t. mods. I strongly suspect I'll just wander off again and lose interest before things settle out. Stock KSP isn't really my cup of tea and the idea of grinding science by randomly driving around the parking lot just gives me chills.
  3. I'm seeing the same behavior with the 4 sat mission. It keeps resetting to two days. I have all 4 in a very stable orbit equi-distant from each other. It starts counting down but periodically resets to 2 days. I parked a plane by the hanger and sat in it and started time warping in the hopes that being landed would prevent any checks. Sadly no joy, it counted down to 1 hour left and I thought I was home free when it spontaneously reset to 2 days again. I eventually managed to get it to complete by just watching from orbit, hitting F5 then do a 100X warp for an hour, hit F5 and if the error ever triggered, just hit F9 and repeat that hour. It took quite a few reloads but it eventually completed without changing anything. The fact that it's not persistent from one quicksave restore to the next suggests some form of threading issue, variable initialization or precision error (round off) but that of course is not very helpful guessing and sadly I have no save/debug info. Since I'm here thanks Nightingale for all of your work, your mods make the game much more enjoyable.