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  1. Anyone else have a CKAN version of Ferram installed and getting the AVC blip that it is out of date, even though there are no available updates? Ferram is still on CKAN right?
  2. @themaster401 Thank you so very much for maintaining this incredible piece of work. I just switched for EVE+SVE to AVP and I definetly have a new favourite. Just a note: It might be a good idea to add the fact that it requires a scatterer reinstall if switching from SVE to the OP. I had that issue and while it was quickly fixed by rummaging through the thread a little it would be even nicer to just know in advance. Anyways, props to you (and any other contributors) for the great service you are doing our community. o7
  3. Hate to bother you again but now I have also run into the partchildattached logspam :C Steps to reproduce: 1. Clean install of KSP 1.1.3 2. Get Proc Parts and KW Rocketry 3. Start sandbox game 4. Load this craft Game freezes as soon as I try to load the craft. As always here is the log and let me know if you need any additional information.
  4. Nono don't worry, I was panicking jeez I didn't want to spread any rumors >.< -edit: other thread is now closed, hopefully noone else will read it and be misinformed... Thanks, will try that. Also big thanks to @Phineas Freak that's good to know. I love this mod too much to play without it All the best for developing it in the future, and best of luck with fixing those bars (if it's possible I'm sure you guys will find a way)
  5. Well crap, that's where I downloaded it from, wonder what is causing this issue for me then...
  6. That is splendid, so you are having none of the issues I posted here? Would you be so kind as to provide me with the link you used to download it or even upload the version you are using(assuming licensing allows that)? I used CKAN and GitHub neither worked
  7. I have been away from KSP since 1.0 hit, since it broke my mods and my career etc but I'm back for more. However I am experiencing some very weird issues with procedural parts and was wondering, is the mod dead? There are so few recent posts in the thread that I am rather worried, and if so is there an alternative somewhere out there?
  8. Soo I'm having a weird bug, was wondering if this is a known issue/conflict... When I put a procedural tank on my craft it sets it to a 1.25m form factor. I can use the slider to increase the size, but here is one of the weird things. Almost all the way to the right it is 1.37, then it suddenly jumps up to 1.5 but the actual diameter doesen't change, since it is already ~1.48 near the end of the slider. When I try to adjust the slider back down it only goes down to 1.38, but the actual diameter only changes in the last 5% of the slider. Also it does not change the weight if I move the slider to quickly. I then click the small step button to get back to 1.25m but doesen't change the weigt. If I click down from there it goes to 1.13m(??)@133kg and when I click again it goes to [email protected] but if I go back one increment it goes to [email protected] Oo I am completely puzzled as to this seemingly erratic behaviour and am wondering if this is a known issue/conflict, in which case it would make fixing it easy or whether I should do some more testing to see if I can isolate the issue to some particular mod. Output.Log Modlist I will be more than happy to provide any additional information you require, sadly I don't know what to make of the output log myself so I can't help much there Just tested the mod on a clean install with only Procedural Parts and the corresponding texture packs, the behaviour still persists. It also persists across both the 32bit and 64bit versions on a clean install using ckan. Did I misread the 1.1.3 compatible or is there something obvious I am missing. I'd hate to have to play without this mod, it is one of the most important ones out there imho. Same with the Github version form the OP
  9. Oh lord, I don't think I have ever embarassed myself so badly on these forums T_T I had indeed not turned the RCS system on >.< I have been flying spin stabilized rockets so much that I completely forgot... I humbly apologize to all of you for wasting your time
  10. So I have another problem with RO and I'm feeling a little stupid here ^^ I just built a probe that really needs attitude control, so naturally I stick on 4-way attitude control thrusters, configure them for nitrous oxide and add a small tank with nitrous oxide, thinking this will provide me with control. However no such luck, the thrusters seem to refuse to fire, and there is no use of NOx shown in the resource panel. Initially I thought it might be a problem with the avionics package I am using for the upper stage (the early 0.813m package) so I tested the whole thing sitting on the pad with the big A4 Guidance Unit, which provides full control for my first stage, but the thrusters still refuse to fire :/ Any help/pointers would be greatly appreciated
  11. You can disable racking for certain vessels in the tracking station, I think it's possible to do the same in the orbital map, however I must admit I can't recall how to do so. Maybe jsut move your mouse around the 4 edges of your screen and see if any hidden menus pop up.
  12. Well you might have found this out by now but the best place to ask this might be the respective mod threads. I am no modder an I don't know about antenna range as a mod but what I can give you is this. BEFORE you try switching mods ALWAYS backup your save file. I have had many saves die due to stuff like this :/ 1. Does Antenna Range have any seperate mod parts? If so removing it will make KSP delete your sattelites on loading your save however it shouldn't break the save itself. 2. Assuming the answer to 1. is no let's go on. What are the ranges of the stock antennae wiht Antenna Range and what are the corresponding ranges for Remote Tech? If the ranges are bigger than with Remote Tech there might be a problem, depending on how close to the limits your relay sats are. If the ranges are however smaller than with remote tech everything should be fine. Edit: If the answer to 1. is yes but you still want Remote Tech you might want to check out HyperEdit as a means of quickly rebuilding your sat network since you already went to all the trouble of putting it up in the first place.
  13. Well, if you're into calculations and all that I would suggest heading over to the Wiki and looking up Duna, then doing all the math required. If you are more like me and like planning and playing but not calculating things then I suggest getting Kerbal Engineer (this gives you dV readouts even for complex staging) Transfer Window Planner (this will provide you with travel duration, dV requirements with and without aerobraking etc) and either Hyper Edit or Kerbal Construction Time to simulate going to Duna, landing, lifting of etc. Note that Hyper Edit is in fact pretty much cheating and if you forget to revert you will have kerbals stuck wherever you left them since everything you do with tha is actually happening. I would reccomend Kerbal Construction Time, since that provides you with a Sim Only option where you won't have all the actual construction time but it provides you with the option to simulate key parts of the mission (such as landing, lifting off and transfer burns) in a simulation enviroment (meaning you don't risk killing anyone because everything get's reverted automatically) and also at a certain cost, which I think is actually kind of neat since money is never a real problem in KSP anyways
  14. Real heat is listed as a dependency for Realism overhaul though, so would removing it not break RO? or is that jsut me knowing next to nothing about modding... *shame over me* I'll try it anyways If I can help you find the bug I'd be happy to do so, let me know if there's anything I can do
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