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  1. It's on hold until the wheel changes stabilize, hopefully 1.2. There's not much point updating it at the moment when it's likely substantial changes will come then.
  2. Kerbol escape velocity is 94,672.01 m/s, so 10km/s can't get you interstellar.
  3. And that's why I save in separate files at each step when testing: so if I hit an issue my bug report can actually be useful. I'm glad it helped, TOT is a great tool.
  4. I can. The MAT file "14 Post Rendezvous Maneuver Optimization 3 (Manual)" in the .zip I provided will do so for me. Just hit re-run optimization and it will happen shortly (after 1 iteration).
  5. Trying the Solar System's Edge Tut. Went off the rails at the Rendezvous Maneuver 1 burn and smacked into Plock. Re-ran tut.Got a better incoming trajectory, but of course that throws the RMS input values way off. I continued the naive way mashing the optimization until I got an OK orbit, though of course running the RMS myself would have been far better. But since there's no RMS tutorial I tried to pretend I was new to the program and had only done the Laythe mission tutorial included in the KSP-TOT zip. A few times I got the error: There was an error optimizing the misson script:
  6. I used my existing knowledge of physics and engineering design processes to make learning the game easier. That gave me an advantage over other players who didn't have such knowledge. Clearly engineering degrees are cheating.
  7. I use Banksian names. As mentioned above, some are particularly Kerbally. The following are of my creation: Lapse of Sanity Bigger Stick This Is Not A Name Gesture Without Motion Look On My Ship, Ye Mighty, And Despair And some that aren't mine, but also not Banks': Gravity's Angel It's Character Forming The Problem with Inertia Winging It excrements Happens Figure Brooding on Madness And of course all the ones from the books, and probably a few others fit the KSP mentality well.
  8. I have NOT been having this issue. Placing and discarding parts causes no crashes. Symmetry mode makes no difference. I've got 229 mods with the following non-CKAN installed mods: FShangarExtender 3.4.7, Hooligan Labs Airships 5.2, OPT Spaceplane parts fork, S.A.V.E. 1.3.1-199, and UbioWeldContinued 2.3.0 And the CKAN mods as found at: http://puu.sh/p5bMw/4662daee3f.ckan On load to the VAB the game takes 8710 MB ram, messing around spamming parts and clicking through all the tabs for 10 increases that to 8725 MB or so, but it stops increasing and stays there. Entering all the bu
  9. It's called Space Engineers. That said, I have to side with Minecraft because of the redstone. But then I'm a computer engineer and I play with FPGAs for fun, so I'm biased towards Turing complete systems. I've not yet managed to make a computer out of rocket parts. (kOS is cheating, just like ComputerCraft is cheating and Verilog is cheating... Fun, fun cheating.)
  10. Yes, it's Viper mode. It's a pretty good vim. Also, there are addons for both Firefox and Chrome to add in either EMACS or vi keybindings. But then ^H, ^W, etc, actually work.
  11. I use a Colemak keyboard: So I remap everything. Even on QWERTY I prefer to map ESDF instead of WASD, so I use FRST here. It frees up a the Q and A keys to be hit by the ring finger.
  12. I swap between dual-joystick (2x T-1600M, left controls translation, right rotation, both have 3 axes) and keyboard + mouse, where the mouse is a Roccat Tyon & thus has 3 axes available.
  13. KAC, MM, KER, or similar. But really, the only mod I refuse to play without is my flag. And that works with every new version without effort required!
  14. I use a pair of Thrustmaster T-1600M joysticks. They're cheap for the quality ($47 on Newegg ATM, MSRP seems to be about $50) and can be set up to work left or right handed. My hands are rather smaller than average, so the heel of my hand can't rest on the area designed for that and still comfortably reach the buttons. To fix that I thickened the handrest portion using 2-part epoxy putty (JB Weld) to form a better rest. It doesn't change the performance of the stick, I can reach all the buttons, etc. Left stick is for translation, right for rotation.
  15. I play with a sandy career mode. I start with a mod like Tree Toppler to unlock all research nodes, then I use the debug menu to give myself cash whenever I need it. I use the science points as a "score" system and the contracts for the occasional strange challenge / weird idea. So I skip all the grindy bits and effectively end up playing sandbox, but the science parts actually work and give occasionally amusing descriptions.
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