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  1. You can get the updated .dll of KSPWheel for v1.3 which is required for Kerbal Foundries here: I'm sure Scansat will be updated soon, enjoy!
  2. Hello, Thank you for making this, I've been struggling with my own configs for RSS and could never get it setup correctly.
  3. @Galileo Hello, Thank you for updating and improving upon the science funding mod!
  4. NavHud has already been updated for v1.2 @linuxgurugamer Thank you once again for continuing yet another mod I use!
  5. Hello, Thank you for the update and all your hard work!
  6. Hello, Thank you for all your wonderful mods and the hard work that goes into supporting them!
  7. Hello, For me not having a Dv chart makes it that much more fun, the realism of having to figure out all that information myself. @Galileo Thank you and everyone else involved for this wonderful mod!
  8. Hello, I'm very glad to see this being updated, thank you.
  9. Hello, EEX v3.3.7 currently has a bug with nooffsetlimit, it's not enabled by default (it shows as being enabled). You have to disable, save, and re-enable to active this function in the settings each time you enter the SPH/VAB. @linuxgurugamer Thank you for this wonderful mod! edit: Fresh copy of KSP, no other mod(s) installed
  10. Hello, Thank you for the feedback (and your hard work), please take your time and I look forward to the update!
  11. Hello, Thank you for this update, your hard work is appreciated!
  12. Hello, Timed construction is the core part of your mod I need so I vote for a basic release. Thank You.
  13. Thank you for the update(s) and all your hard work!
  14. Thank you for the update(s) and all your hard work!
  15. Hello, I truly hope this mod isn't dead, the v1.2 stock implementation is... lacking.
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