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  1. My space program would like to benefit of this beautie too, sign me up for one please
  2. Oh, is there a reason for mod parts showing up red in the VAB? Was about to make a topic to ask for help, also couldn\'t find anything about it alsewhere on the forums. If there is a sollution I would like to know it very much. Tnanx
  3. ah yeah I noticed that yellow ball and wondered what it was. too bad about them not loading on somebody elses machine, they still look awesome.
  4. that doesn't sound all that stupid at all, I've been trying the same thing with little result. so far ive been able to stack them underneath on a long enough fuel tank. Also Andras; would you care to share those beautifull rockets, I would like to try to fly them.
  5. Hi, I love this pack. found a small thing though, I can't connect a 2M SAS ontop of the 2M radial decoupler. otherwise everything rocks, or thats because of my crap construction skills
  6. The new way of filling up the universe, lol. Which engines are you using there under the large fuel tank? Haven't found those yet
  7. I like them alot. New download link is broken/incorrect?