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  1. I've accepted @buttercookie42's pull request against my repository, rebuilt the mod against KSP 1.2.2, did a basic works-on-my-machine test and put it on SpaceDock. I don't really know about CKAN; probably a good idea for somebody else to do that. Thanks Buttercookie42, as should be obvious I'm not really maintaining this any more. It'd probably be ideal if somebody else took over; don't really mind who. Happy to hand stuff over in a semi-official way if necessary.
  2. Waiting on some API info from some people in Squad
  3. I wouldn't go so far as to say I was working on an update; I only looked at it just then. But yeah the way modules say what resources they use has changed and the way unloaded vessels store their resources has been slightly tweaked; figuring it out is going to take some reverse engineering on the assumption that documentation for KSP internals is still lacking. For those of you following at home, ModuleCommand and ModuleGenerator no longer have an inputList/outputList/inputResources, ModuleDeployableSolarPanel handles tracking differently, and ProtoPartResourceSnapshot has been changed so the ConfigNode storing the resource data is now protected (hopefully I can get at the data I need in there; otherwise I'm gonna have to reflect on it)
  4. Gave it a quick look and it looks like it won't just rebuild; there've been relevant KSP changes.
  5. I am reading this; I've done a quick check and the SolarPanel.cs code is definitely using the sun_dist returned by the raytracing reimplementation. I am using FlightGlobals.Bodies[0].GetAltitude(partPos) to get the distance from the sun for power-curve stuff, which might be causing the problem (assuming there's a power-curve solar panel on the dying vessel). There's a few points where a NaN could be occurring. I don't actually currently have KSP installed; not sure when I'll be able to fiddle with this, once again. Sorry. If I can get a couple of hours together to just sit down and code it shouldn't be too hard to find though. One thing that could be helpful - can someone who can easily duplicate this (say, @garwel?) reproduce this with the debug level set high? BackgroundProcessing reads a PluginConfiguration file, and if you have an entry setting DebugLevel to ALL, we'll get a lot more useful data. Something like this: <config> <string name="DebugLevel">ALL</string> </config> Don't know off the top of my head what the filename is, but if you've got any other mods that do something similar with an XML file, it'll be the same rule. Probably 'BackgroundProcessing.xml'.
  6. The BitBucket repo should be up to date with the changes in @JPLRepo's github.
  7. Edited the first post to note 1.1.3 compatibility
  8. Committed all your changes into the BitBucket repo, uploaded a build to SpaceDock, and IIRC SpaceDock should propagate to CKAN. Don't know when there will be new dev effort on my part. I guess the obvious next pieces of fruit are: - Ability for players to specify 'interesting' resources in the config file. - Resource converters and fuelled generators (Problem: Mimicking proper behaviour for resources that aren't whole-ship like electric charge) - Emulating temperature effects on solar panels
  9. Confirming that I've seen this and will get around to fixing things on my end Soontm . Probably tomorrow night.
  10. Yes, and that would be amazing if you could. Probably an hour of work in at least though, just as a warning. https://bitbucket.org/j_picone/background-processing Haven't checked whether your fork has the updated solar panel handling either...
  11. It's really unfortunate that your fork was before a bunch of the refactoring I did to make things a bit cleaner. :/. I haven't forgotten about this, but I've essentially been on the go continuously for a month. Won't be able to get to things until after the middle of July at the earliest.
  12. Yes, when I can get to it, which might not be soon. Work's rather busy at the moment and it's sucking up most of my programming juice. I will eventually get to merging the fixes and updating spacedock.
  13. Sorry, I appreciate I've been terribly lazy. Thank you for maintaining things. @bice: The 'interesting resources' list is for things ModuleGenerator, ModuleDeployableSolarPanel, or ModuleCommand might care about other than electric charge. So if 'dust' was added to the interesting resources list, the ModuleDeployableSolarPanel you posted would generate dust, but the hoover wouldn't because I don't handle resource conversion (due to issues with figuring out how it's meant to work and also resources that aren't whole-ship like electric charge). It'd be fairly easy to adjust it so that you can specify in the config file a list of interesting resources. But then only some of the dust stuff would work. This does look like I'd have to make resource conversion work before it'd be useful; the mod author can't do much with it because none of these are new PartModule types. I may - and I make no promises - look into some of this. I've been doing a bunch of other things and haven't played KSP for quite a while now.
  14. We have to iterate through the modules regardless of the log level.