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  1. The contract also required me to land the relatively heavy Vector engine with the probe. And I suppose static stability was probably an issue, but I was also getting an extreme amount of g's before the craft would flip (the g-meter gets pinned for a few seconds before the craft flips out and explodes). The craft I finally managed to land peaked at about 14.4 g's, still quite a lot
  2. I don't remember, I think the doomed craft had Ap was about 65km and Pe was about 45km (For reference the atmo is 58.5km high on the 2.5x rescale) - when I added the giant heat shield though I went for a very shallow reentry, with Ap at 59.5 km and Pe at 55-56km I think.
  3. I have a question that I'm not sure who can answer, but I'll ask anyway: I am having big trouble landing on Tellumo in 2.5x rescale (I don't even want to take off again). When I go for the final aerobrake pass, the shallowness of the atmo + high orbital speed means that I get an extreme acceleration spike, flipping the craft out and destroying it; any ideas on how to remedy that? Edit: I sort of managed it, by decreasing the craft ballistic coefficient by using the giant inflatable heat shield, thus allowing a shallower reentry.
  4. Doesn't ring a bell, you're the third one this week, people always trying to score free soups claiming to be my old buddies psht Waiter, you're in my soup!
  5. I'm using Rescale with 2.5x and I have a problem with this building being right on the spawn point of the runway blowing up everything I put there, making the SPH/runway unusable:
  6. I have the same problem with not getting the send new crew to station mission, I had to fix it with the fixes in this post and this post .
  7. I discovered an interaction issue with this planet pack and Contract Configurator (specifically the Tourist Pack, though I suspect other packs may also be affected). The tourists get renamed by GPP but the contracts still have their old name and do not recognize them
  8. I don't really have experience with spaceplanes, but from what I can tell there aren't really many options for increasing their heat resistance. Many spaceplane builders I know simply use the cheats menu to turn off temperature destruction, though I'm not sure that's the answer you want to hear.
  9. Pro tip for optimizers (or people who play with upscaled versions, where dV is even more precious): If you want to get to Iota, target it, then turn on KER's "RDZV" menu and launch when "target phase angle" is approximately 205.2 degrees (value arrived through experimentation). This places your Hohmann transfer node right on your descending node, thus eliminating the need for a potentially expensive plane-change maneuver. Your plane change effectively happens during Iota orbital insertion, saving dV by both taking advantage of the Oberth effect as well as being further away from Gael
  10. Wait why is OPM there? I thought Galileo's Planet Pack isn't compatible with OPM.
  11. In particular, the default landscape value (1) means that terrain height is multiplied by the rescale value. You can set it to the reciprocal of your rescale (reciprocal of 6.4 is 0.15625) to return terrain heights to normal, but things might be a bit flat at that scale, so you should adjust to taste.
  12. Sigma Dimensions has a "landscape" variable which controls the terrain height multiplier.
  13. I got a crew rotation mission that didn't detect that I had a vessel that meets the requirements and have docked with the station. Not sure how to reproduce as I'm sure I completed a similar contract before but will let you know if I have more data. I force-completed it, and now it continues generating missions for that space station, but it goes away before I could accept them. I believe that's a CC bug, where it keeps refreshing missions erratically while on the mission screen. Edit: Nevermind. I think I may have borked it up by editing the save file when that criterion completed d
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