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  1. Hello Bob, RSS has been updated to V10.0 for KSP v1.0.x! I'm looking forward to Projects Alexandria and Enterprise!
  2. Hello Kaiser, thanks for this RT2 contract mod. I'm currently using the RemoteTech contract pack for the Contract Configuration mod. I use OPM also. So if I am to understand correctly, I should use your ContractPack-RemoteTech LITE, OR RemoteTech contract pack, but not both at the same time? Correct?
  3. Thanks for the update ethernet! This mod is a great addition to KSP career play!
  4. According to KerbalStuff.com it is listed as v1.0.2 compatible.
  5. I think it is right Shift + N, but not 100% sure... I do know that the right Shift key(not sure about the left) is the "modifier" key for Linux. When I made the switch to Linux Mint a few days ago, I kept hitting Alt + F2 to try to bring up the debug window. This did not work(it brings up the Linux menu), but right Shift + F2 now brings up the debug for sure. Hope this helps.
  6. Wow, the timing on this is perfect! I have been playing the last two days with the debug window open (Alt+F2) looking for red lines, and seeing fair amount of orange as well, of null refs flashing by. I have a lot of mods installed, and my frame rate was getting very "chunky" to say the least. I tracked down a few mods that don't play nice, and this will help immensely! Thanks godarklight! PS - I've been using the DMP client for multiplayer about 3 months now, and I can't live without it! I do enjoy KSP offline, with a heavily modded install, but multiplayer breaks the lonely single pla
  7. Yes sir, no problems at all for me in v0.90.
  8. Thanks for the warm greetings guys! Looking back at my post, I just realized that I screwed up the title heading. What a lunkhead I am. What I meant to say was - I never knew space could be so big! As in big fun, big adventure, big challenge, big time consumption, big knowledge, etc, etc. I now have five installs of the game(stock vanilla, multiplayer(DMP), heavy modded(110+)parts & plugins, test mods, and the virgin install folder in the Steam file path). I do not use ATM in the heavy mod folder anymore since I converted the graphics to DDS. I can squeeze more more mods in, and it l
  9. Broken here as well. I get the 2 vertical rows of icons for the various main and sub category's on the left, but the box on the right that should contain the actual parts is empty. I do like all the main and sub category icons however. When you get it working, it will be a gem! Please keep up the good work! Reverting back to 1.14 in the mean time.
  10. Thanks KasperVld, the redirect nonsense is over! Now I can have my sanity back (if I can find it...).
  11. ... And another one. Well, so much for reading the forums today. No fun when I click on a post and constantly get redirected, I'll come back later today.
  12. This is driving me nuts! It stopped this morning while surfing between the Space X launch and these forums, but now it is back. Here are three captures of the pages that show up. Look at that URL address, when I highlighted on it and scrolled to the right, it goes on forever with a bunch of "...%Vx%5hJ%sPt%-Gw8%VuI%... etc, etc, etc" I hope this information helps to put this torture to and end!
  13. Same thing here, I spent the better part of the day running Virus scans, anti-malware scans, updated the firmware in my router, changed web browsers, cleaned my registry... All to no avail, I am only incurring it on this site. I keep getting redirected to- http://lemode-mgz.com/fd/9701/special-report.html?voluumdata=vid..00000002-f71d-4655-8000-000000000000__vpid..25c5a000-987d-11e4-8c5d-941c5e5497bb__caid..421c6fa2-56dc-4806-b4... excetera, excetera, excetera... It is not a pop up, it is redirecting the tab from the forum title to "Special Report 2014: How to..." Then either a promo for
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