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  1. For some reason, whenever I use a DERP pod and drop it in the atmosphere, it gets CRAZY rotation as soon as the parachute opens. It keeps accelerating, faster than the SAS can keep up with. It gets fast enough to make the parts pull apart of each other visually. This happens to me even if the pod is the only part in the vessel. Has anyone else experienced this?
  2. That's weird... I made a copy and in the GameData folder, I only kept the "Squad", "MagicSmokeIndustries" folders and ModuleManager.3.0.1.dll. I was expecting this to be the starting point where things work, but here's what I can see in the VAB in a fresh sandbox game: Only a few parts (those that wouldn't show up in the Robotics category) appear, yet the debug menu shows all the parts in the database. I'll retry the installation steps of IR manually and see if there are any differences. Edit1: After a clean install of the core (without any parts), the "Robotic" ca
  3. My Infernal Robotics parts don't show up in the editor anymore... They show up in the R&D building under the "Actuators" node (that I have researched), but the parts don't show up. Is it possible that the Community Category Kit screws up with how IR adds its own category? Would I need a MM patch to create a custom category for IR?
  4. Hmm... I removed TextureReplacer, then installed TextureReplacerReplaced, and then it worked. I'm guessing it needed that dependency, but it couldn't add it because it conflicted with TextureReplacer.
  5. Not sure why, but the latest update (1.1a) won't install through CKAN. The 'Apply changes' button stays greyed out when it's checked. It's the first time I've seen this happen. Both updating it, and removing + installing it doesn't work for me. I'll just install it manually for now.
  6. Can you show the readouts related to the engine ISP?
  7. Not sure if this is a known issue, but when updating this mod with CKAN, it fails because of the "KPBS.backup" file, which CKAN did not install itself. It aborts with a message along the lines of "CKAN was about to wipe this stuff, but this did not come from CKAN, something's not right". Manually removing the .backup file fixes the issue. I'm guessing the .backup file is created at some point during runtime. I don't know if there's a way to tell CKAN that this file is safe to delete or something like that.
  8. If possible, a more generic "target" could also work, and might work for various intercept courses. Would it only work if the target is orbiting a different body? Or does this mod work out the math even if the target is in the same system? Getting a rendez-vous with a single click would be awesome!
  9. "Escape-Escape" is pretty much what I do right now, but there is an annoying ~1 second delay before the pause menu comes up for some reason. I don't know if it's physics being reloaded or something. But I'll try Enter, thanks!
  10. I ran into two issues with contracts related to this mod. 1) I had a vessel with a K&K ISRU which was not fullfilling the 'Have an ISRU conversion unit on the outpost' requirement of my contract. I found this earlier in the thread (see below). Using it did not fix it because the contract was already active, but I assume it would work properly for new contracts. I fixed my issue by manually editing the contract in my savefile to add "KKAOSS_ISRU_g" in the valid part names. Anyway, I guess this should be added to the release: 2) I was offered a contract that asked "H
  11. When I'm holding on to a part, waiting to reattach it, if I hit 'escape' to cancel, the pause menu also comes up. Is there some workaround to this, such as remapping keys or something?
  12. I have a bunch of debris pods left over from rescue missions, and they all show up in my Life Support Monitoring: There are manned bases and such lower in the list. Is there a way to make debris, or anything with 0 actual crew not show up in there?
  13. I got a contract to do a crew rotation on a base I landed on Duna, but it's giving me something like 1 year and 160 days to complete it. It's pretty much impossible to reach Duna and come back in that amount of time, unless it happens to coincide with perfect transfer windows, and still... I guess I should have read the fine print of the contract before accepting it, but I think the deadline should be scaled to the target body. I'm not fluent in ContractConfigurator, but the config for this type of contract seems to be a fixed random amount of time: deadline = Random(500, 700) O
  14. I just installed the mod to use in my current career game. I had a level 1 administration building. I upgraded it to level 3 and went in in it to check out the strategies. The "admin level requirement" was saying my building was still level 1. After exiting the building, I hit the "Facility reset" button (from the "Facility Reset for 64 bit" mod) and it put my building back to level 1. I'm not sure if this is a x64 compatibility issue, or this mod handling the building level up in a way that the magic reset button doesn't support properly, or just a bug... I made a copy of the log fi
  15. FYI: The CKAN metadata for the mod has the link to the old forum post. This looks pretty awesome!
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