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  1. Ubsurdly proud of this non succesful ubsurdity - it was made to see if there was a solution to the problem of twin engine startup torque on light gravity worlds. When you have two engines driving contra-rotating blades (obviously to counter torque issues) when you spin up the first engine, your craft is subject to the torque from just one engine for a while. I thought maybe if I drive both blades from the first engine, I may lose some power, but at least I have distributed the torque. then when I start up the second engine, both sets of blades will then spin up to nearly full power. The losses through this particular setup are more than 50% on both engines and what could fly easily without now barely generates any lift at all. Still it's one of the most complex gears I have ever built and it worked so........ win! PS: I think a lot of the problem is that the middle gear is too small, I need to make it bigger and slower, then the fast gears are the top and bottom ones PPS: yes that alleviated the problem, now it is much faster, still not fast enough, and size is now becoming an issue because I had hoped to shrink that stack down a bit
  2. Testing on Duna So I made a little video on Reddit of flying this on Duna. I have come to realise that besides it lacking directional authority (which I will fix). The terrain does not really suit planes. I have had lots of issues because of the comparatively long take-off required compared to Kerbin, and the terrain grade changes on Duna. But shortening that take-off impairs its ability on higher atmosphere world's. I think I will continue this research in another type of craft.
  3. Finally released a version, here you can see it in it's grounded configuration gears up and everything deployed on an arctic science expedition, if you use the emergency chutes you also have a ladder to the top of the wing. It has a relay antennae but the commutron antennae on the probe core still seems to go out of range if anyone knows about comms. I wanted to make it as easy and useful to use as possible, on Kerbin and other worlds. Some variations of props gave mean torque effects on take off. This takes off without input, which is as easy as I can make it! and still reasonably fast. PS: I also need to work on the docking so it can be timewarped.
  4. It's evolving, it now has unlimited engine range, carries three Kerbals, Solar power recharging of main craft (i want to redock the engine but so far the claw has had krakenesque consequences), it sports a relay and also an antennae on the engine, this is supposed to be for exploring other worlds. Landing in water is hard, but once landed it floats nice and high, has parachutes for emergency landing (I am beginning to think this should be the standard way). Top speed of about 80ms, on take off it likes to break free of the ground suddenly and soar upwards, you need to be ready to intercept it, I am working on the wing placement to curb this.
  5. Sucky screenshot, but I had a go at an electric propeller driven craft for use offworld, interestingly, it has no bad torque habits, it is slow to take off though, mainly because I am not using deploy on the props, 8-10 small reaction wheels
  6. selfish_meme

    I had a thought today.

    You won't be ignored here My thought is make it AVTOL (Assisted/Vertical Take off and Landing), because it will be almost impossible to land that thing without a huge amount of wing. Some rockets can be hidden in cargo bays (makes them aerodynamic for the normal SSTO ascent) Just enough to help get you off the ground barely on Kerbin, should be plenty for Duna or Laythe. They won't cost much in fuel if you only use them to get the nose in the air.
  7. selfish_meme

    Rune's Slightly Used Vehicles

    Welcome back Rune! Nice Shuttle! I too thought the Vector was overpowered. I developed a mini shuttle mod that consisted of just some MM scripts to copy and better balance the Vectors and kickbacks and resize a few parts to make the tanks out of stock bits. Plus with firespitter add some colour options.
  8. selfish_meme

    2009 Tesla Roadster

  9. Paragliders, cue heatshield and chair Emergency Evacuation pods!
  10. Congratulations for making a Facebook Page appearance with your car man!


    1. selfish_meme


      Ha, I didn't know :D

    2. Castille7


      They don't notify anyone, so when I see someone's craft I know I usually try to let them know.

      Very nice build!

  11. selfish_meme

    BFR stock replicas?

    Mine is not finished, but it should be fully re-useable, it' stock, I am going to do the cargo bay differently to keep the part count down. I don't know if I will finish it, landing legs are bugged currently which makes it pretty hard to test.
  12. selfish_meme

    [1.4.0] KerbalX Mod - upload to KerbalX direct from KSP

    I sympathise, what about for people who have the craft in their hangars, do you get notified of updates? (only asking because I don't have any hangars)
  13. selfish_meme

    [1.4.0] KerbalX Mod - upload to KerbalX direct from KSP

    @katateochi did you ever consider moving updated craft to the top of the default page? Asking for a friend......