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  1. So far I have not been able to get yours off the ground because I can't reach 120ms before it's run off the side of the runway, JimmyR's I have only (only! still much faster than mine) got to 250ms, I tried different altitudes and I have not looked to see if he set blade deployment, I wouldn't think so because he has them pretty angled already. Still, they are both fast! I would not have thought antennae and solar panel bearings would be able to withstand so much. Brings us to an interesting convo that happened earlier in the thread, and has been suggested to me, that replacing Junos with Panthers is not rewarded. It seems however that 4 Junos = 1 Panther in dry mode and 6 Junos = 1 Panther in wet mode. So both these craft have 8 Panthers in Wet mode which would mean I would need 48 Junos to match the power. That does not seem a reasonable number for a plane.
  2. Neither can mine or g-mans! Though you can steer
  3. Holy crap, whelp there goes my record, I am not even close! Also, try editor extensions redux, that removes all the offset limits, and allows up to 20x symmetry
  4. Only if they bring the CoL in front of the CoG Haha, I was looking at downloading @Columbia's B-17 and fitting my engines to it
  5. Wing sweep in KSP is not accounted for at all, the only reason I have them like that is to move the CoL further forward, I use those particular wings because they have a really high lift ratio, if I could get away with one set I would, but the torque would overpower the elevons I tried the FAT 45's or whatever, the big elevons as blades, 2 got me to around the same speed, 4 gets me close, If I can up the engine torque a bit more I may be able to go faster
  6. Oceans

    When switching to a craft on the ocean, the camera is placed in that slice of angle that makes the ocean disappear, do we need the slice where the ocean dissapears? 100m visibility in water is considered crystal clear, yet we have kilometres, and the light does not really dim till you are half a kilometre down, where it is quite dark at 100m IRL.
  7. A contra-rotating system using one engine
  8. We will see, my thinking is that hanging the blades out the front makes an unbalanced load on the bearing (at least I have more success when I bring the blades closer to the centre of the bearing) same with engines, so what I tried to do with this craft is minimise overhang, also I have been reinforcing the bearing cage as I found that even these probe bearings can be made to skip and wobble, I guess everything can in KSP.
  9. I found Pilot assistant buggy in 1.3.1, like you would set a height and it would not stay set but instead climb, Kramax is an offshoot of Pilot Assistant and it is being maintained while Pilot Assistant isn't, I might try the big blades, but because I try and keep the blades centered to minimize offset forces on the bearing they might not work that well, they would be pretty far out, but we will see.
  10. New record! Adjusted Aero first Stock Aero What autopilot are you using, I got one but its a bit hard to use Edit: I found Pilot Assistant which looks like what I want Edit 2: New Speed record, got Karmax Autopilot, that works Edit 3: Bit of lightening, new stock aero speed
  11. Whew! So adjusted aero, if you were a 100ms in front of me in stock aero it would be a tough hill to climb.
  12. Man, the torque is vicious in FAR, I am not sure you will be able to fight with single engines
  13. Congrats! I knew it wouldn't last long, just thought I would get numbers on the board, is there anything I should know about it? Stock Aero, fuel cheat?
  14. Maybe you can divide the classes up by number and type of Engines, say 4 Junos and below, 6 Junos up to two panthers, 10 Junos plus