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  1. Edit: Hmm, I used the version of TU packed with TURD and it works, though the version numbers match the one installed by CKAN, so don't worry about below

    Hey, long time no chat! I am seeing this behaviour with coloring Fairings (always an issue) even the stock colors do not seem to work, and no shiny! :) This is without any mods except Modulemanager, TU and TURD, without TURD the stock colors work. Latest version  1122_TU_Stock_Recolour_v0_3_8 and latest MH and BG configurations. Shown is the 3.75m fairing, but all seem to have the same behaviour.

    [LOG 11:16:52.412] ERROR: TUPartVariant could not locate default or stored texture set data
    [LOG 11:16:52.412] TUPartVariant OnStart

    [LOG 11:16:52.508] ERROR: Could not locate TextureSet for MODEL_SHADER from global cache for the input name of: 
    [LOG 11:17:05.586] Variant applied: Orange



  2. I would really like the three "capsules" KV-1, 2, 3 reduced to one, with no ablator and the introduction of a new 3 person capsule that looks more like the proper Soyuz descent module, I can't understand why all the other Soyuz like parts where introduced but the utility module became a descent module, and the actual descent module was left out in favour of a three person globe with no flat bottom!


  3. On 7/19/2018 at 6:27 PM, sturmhauke said:

    Hello everyone. I'm a regular over on the subreddit, but this is my first time here. Anyway, I thought I'd post my prop entry here too. I call it the Euphrates.


    Sorry about taking so long to reply, As with the guy above you have to come down back into the bowl, not over the top of the ramp, love the Mosquito aesthetic

  4. 5 hours ago, CraterJumper said:

    Wanna get the ugly harry's craft file, Selfish_meme ? sure.
    First I tried the steam workshop, no way to allow public share for everybody ????

    So you may get it there : http://dl.free.fr/sXYymZqFZ
    The rotor is not easy to disassemble, so I attached a sample on the wing.

    Thanks I can't do anything with it right now, but you probably bought yourself some competition, by the way your plane looked very similar to my single engine one, but I could only get 190ms out of mine.

  5. 6 hours ago, CraterJumper said:

    Hi everybody,
    I've built an ugly plane (seriously, when I see your designs, I'm jealous).
    If my design skills suck, I still built a pretty good engine.
    So, let me spice the stock-prop category, I did the run in 21m46.

    That is extremely cool, I'll try and update the list tonight, but well done. That's some engine, fast, low torque and parkable, I want it! ;)

    17 minutes ago, KingDominoIII said:

    I assume we need vids to enter?

    Only for the Jet entries, because it is so easy to exceed 400m, you have to really try with the stock props to go over 400m so i will accept pictures of the main events.

  6. 2 hours ago, kaizokuroof said:

    Hey dudes, my first challenge attempt (Keyboard + Mouse with stock parts): 


    That should be 7:50 base time + 30 seconds for a breach (near the last home stretch) and crash landing at the end for another + 1. Hopefully all my maneuvers etc were correct

    Final Result 9:20

    I'm going to keep trying for a better time, but I wanted to get on the scoreboard at least if this run counts.

    I make that a 7:52, start at 0:25, end at 6:43, gives a 6:22 +1m, +30s is 7:52m

  7. 7 hours ago, SuperHappySquid said:

    Honestly man it's your choice. Personally I don't think it should matter if you drop the bomb before or after the climb, but I do agree that the smallest lake, the furthest one, should be the target. It's up to you though. :¬)

    I feel like dropping the bomb on the way up is more in keeping with the beggars canyon/deathstar canyon theme, and it was already written that way. I am not going to disqualify anyone but from now on I want to see it done that way.

    Drop bomb in final tiny lake before zoom climb.

    3 hours ago, SuperHappySquid said:

    Thanks man. I would love to see you enter. 

    Yes I was thinking about this. There must be some other means of documenting a run other than recording, especially for a prop run where a recording may be upwards of half an hour. Perhaps @selfish_meme would be willing to make some accommodations for those who are unable to use recording software. Would it be enough to take a screenshot of the f3 menu display, showing the time of liftoff and the current time on the clock?

    I think for the stock prop entries because keeping under 400m is a doddle I would accept screenshots of the major events. Unless you beat me, then you are disqualified ;)

  8. 1 hour ago, SuperHappySquid said:

    My first prop entry. I attempted the bombing run but I'm uncertain if I got it in the right lake. 

    By my count, the time was 23 minutes and 20 seconds. 

    Please excuse the flickering/shaking/boiling. 


    Excellent!, I knew it wouldn't be worth entering till you did! Sorry @Inter Now I have something to shoot for. Your entry is accepted, and since it's the only Super Mode run I wanted to ask, my initial intention was to have the furthest lake, the one after the one you bombed , the tiny little one as the target. Also I wanted to have the bomb drop before the zoom climb. What are your thoughts? I will give the run another go this week I think when I have some time. Do you want to forgo your time and set the competition that way? I would love to see some of the screamers try and get a bomb in that tiny lake.

  9. Just now, Colonel Cbplayer said:

    So just pulling up to level flight a bit later after you are traveling down again?

    I think so, the point was to get people back under 400m as quickly as possible and to make the bowl turn around a bit more challenging, but if you come down on top of or past the ramp, where do I draw the line? So I try and get people to come back down vertically into the bowl and the hop over the ramp and out into the river

  10. 9 minutes ago, Colonel Cbplayer said:

    What exactly the part of the bowl that you need to fly through again?

    Go over the ramp and into the bowl, go up to 3k+, come back down into the bowl and then back over the ramp. Don't come down over the ramp.

  11. 1 hour ago, lordcirth said:

    A few rules questions: 

    • Would it be allowed to, eg, use kOS to beep if I get near 400m, that sort of thing?  No control ofc.
    • Could we have a drone category as well?
    • Any restrictions on part clipping?

    Making a noise is fine, I don't know if we need another category yet we will see, no restrictions on clipping

  12. Had a couple of goes at the stock prop, almost successful the second time, but a strange thing happened, I lost control of the engine, I wonder if the cores went into hibernation? Maybe I wasn't producing enough power for props and cores.

    This was the plane I was using, almost 190ms in level flight fully loaded


  13. I am streaming my Stock Prop attempt right now, I probably should have tested more, but you know



    Damn damn damn, first attempt crashed doing the bowl turn around, well the cat is out of the bag now. could have been a 32m run

    I am going to impose limits on SRB's for the Stock Prop part of the challenge, probably limited to a few seperatons, none after the turn around.

    Back once the kids are asleep

  14. 47 minutes ago, Colonel Cbplayer said:

    I had a 3:49 run on the river, but instead of landing, I manage to crash into the island at 109 m/s wheels first. Turns out you need a lot of space when approaching at ~1700 m/s

    cliffnotes version of the entire run
    That was on keyboard controls
    I'll post a submission when I get a valid run lmao
    You people need to step it up before I learn how to land oi
    I'm heading to bed, aye  

    Maybe be the first to try Super Mode! ;) also you have to get into the bowl on the way back, don't just pass over it

  15. 4 minutes ago, Pavel ☭ said:

    I'm actually using spectra right now. Without scatterer it was running fine but now I can barely play and usually have to deal with 20-25 FPS. Please don't tell me to get a new computer.

    You could try turn oceans off and use better oceans instead, also make sure godrays, eclipses, and terrain shadows are turned off

    Scatterer easily amkes a 20-30fps drop for me on a 1080

  16. 14 minutes ago, Yargnit said:

    A bit more time shaved off, down to 4:38 now. I landed a 4:32 but I was 5 meters off the island into the water... :(

    I think I need to delete my craft before I finally put my controller through my monitor in frustration one of these times...

    Well done, yeah have a rest for a while...;) 

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