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  1. I have verified that the Turbojets retain their color at the time of flame out. Throttle settings do not seem to matter, my LV-N even exploded and they still retained their color all the way back into the atmosphere. A very small inconsequential bug I think.
  2. Thanks for the move I pondered which forum would be best but I am not a regular. Yes the color change, I guess it could be due to the LV-N's heat I never blew mine up as a lot of people have said happens. - - - Updated - - - Good news on the LV-N, many of the complaints about it might be solved by using LF only, saves a lot of weight.
  3. Spaceplane utilising TurboJets and an LV-N, Jets flame out but exhaust heating animation continues out of atmosphere if engines are activated at full throttle, LV-N is staged on but uses no oxidiser (this is how it should work, but did not in the past?), if the LV-N no longer uses oxidiser it should be possible to use liquid fuel only tanks on a spaceplane. Sorry if I am making a mistake about generally known things, I have only had a few minutes to play around I was going to take a screenshot but run out of time.
  4. Cool, I am new to doing my own you-tube and was not aware that was possible, I have been getting by with Kevin Macleod's http://incompetech.com free music
  5. That was a really well edited video, congrats. Aren't you worried about your video being taken down for copyrighted music (I assume its is)? You-tube always gives me all these warnings if I try and use any music by recent artists.
  6. Have you updated via sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade then sudo apt-get dis-upgrade? - - - Updated - - - Also the Modded install thread says you need to have bleeding edge kernel (at least ubuntu 14.10) to use the latest Intel graphics drivers v1.08, currently 14.04 is running 1.07. You can see the Intel downloads page here https://01.org/linuxgraphics/downloads
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