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  1. Amazing, Welcome to the sub 5m club, it's very exclusive. While you are so far out in front, and it was a tiny amount I will let slide your Bowl ascent. You didn't crack 3000m, the guy in the stock prop got as close to the limit of the cliffs as he could at about 3400m, just keep that in mind, eh ,above the cliffs. Congratulations again, you have made a certain Squid Super Unhappy
  2. Excellent, I thought I was going to be first, though I expected @SuperHappySquid to have had a go by now, he is probably gnashing his teeth and planning swift revenge on the new record holder though.
  3. Fantastic effort, and I think you just proved my theory of Rapiers being better than Whiplashes However the time is from staging, not wheels up, unfortunately that means a 5:01 time, still absolutely brilliant!!
  4. He did on the second run, and another guy is also under 6m
  5. Yep, confirmed at 5:49, top stuff, if I hadn't just watched @SuperHappySquid almost ditch about 6 times that would have been the most exciting thing yet! What's the Wheesley for?
  6. Yep I make it 5:25 and me very jealous, you make it look easy
  7. Wow, that was some of the best flying I have ever seen. I make it 5:35, Staged at 0:29, stopped at 5:54. Amazing. However I can't put it up, you didn't go back into the bowl on the way out, you just came down over the ramp, I disqualified Myself and @boomchacle for the same thing, sorry mate. Check Mordracs video on how to do it, or my last one for a bad approximation. Super Flying though
  8. The peaks are about 4km I use the recording software that comes with the NVIDIA GeForce experience I have also used AMD shadowplay and OBS studio a free game recording and streaming software
  9. Dammit, two breaches above 400m, everything else worked flawlessly, at least I can add this time to the results, plus 1m, video to come.. 7.34 + 1m = 8.34
  10. I have moved you now, I meant I will leave the categories, instead of combining them
  11. Alright, we will leave as is I am going to accept this as you are not vying for the top spots, but you really need to get back into the Bowl and not just come down over the ramp, I did the same as you in my 6:23 above and I am not claiming that as a valid run.
  12. I mean any sort of controller other than a keyboard. I'm no where near as good flying planes with a keyboard as with a joystick, but I fly rockets with a keyboard. I guess if you train at one type of controller you can get just as good as someone on a different controller.
  13. So I am thinking of combining the keyboard and controller categories @boomchacle has proved you can be just as fast with a keyboard as a controller, or he has an amazing superpower involving fingers. Any objections?
  14. Cool, you have proved we don't need seperate categories
  15. Edit: A Tylo SSTO lander is doable, you only need about 4000ms of dV and a TWR above 1, a single SSTO launched from Kerbin round trip I am not sure anyone has done.
  16. 6:23! Well it would be if I hadn't exceeded 400m once for a couple of seconds. And my Bowl entry and exit was borderline disqualified. The best score I could hope for would be 6:53 and I wouldn't accept that bowl exit anyway. I'll put the video up so you know it's possible, I was a hairs breadth from making it. I also hit 1500ms on the return to the island!
  17. I suspect it is keyboard too or possibly a game controller, it does not look like analogue
  18. oOOH i JUST DID A 6:39! (if there were not several momentary excursions above 400m and some damage to the craft) I would enter it. I didn't expect to go that quick, was just testing some changes. With a joystick.
  19. Is that with keyboard or controller? Either way it was a nice run! #I will put you in controller until you confirm which it is.
  20. Hey 5parrowwhawk, I get 13.55 for your Keyboard run, possibly because the rules here are timed to full stop, not touch down and 8.20 on the controller run, well done, very smooth
  21. I am giving you a 9.30m + 1m (for splashdown) for that fantastic effort, I like how you brought drift racing to the air-race!
  22. That's got nothing to do with Scatterer, That's part of EVE, the stock configs in EVE can be laggy, use SVE or something similar instead
  23. Less grip, more flexible spring and dampener, also if you can fit a non-working wheesley engine inside pointed at the ground it will lower your center of gravity.
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