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  1. Probably, like I said I am going through the videos, first I just checked times
  2. Yes, but the bowl is on the other side of the ramp, the next picture, so you have to cross over the ramp, into the bowl, go vertical to about 3-4km then come straight back down into the bowl. Watch Mordracs run, he does it.
  3. Me, OK, I just saw your video, wow, edge of the seat stuff, you got so close to one cliff, that was intense, but....sorry mate I can't accept this attempt, you didn't go into the bowl, and you didn't re-enter via the bowl. The rules here are different but that one is from the challenge on Reddit. That was some brilliant flying though, your using a keyboard right? Kudos. Hey, all. I am slowly going through the videos to make sure they all are within the rules. If you are trying a new attempt make sure to read the rules, they have evolved from the ones on Reddit.
  4. Sorry Mac I cannot get to that youtube, can you repost the link?
  5. Haha, I was just saying this to Bartacomus a little while ago, that we should change it to the ingame clock. Also the rules are slightly different here, there is a greater penalty for crashing and time is stage to stop. Don't worry you are not being shortchanged, I timed everyone the same
  6. I will check it out, I don't think we have a landing bonus here just a penalty for not landing. As long as the plane did not float and you didn't break anything I'll accept it as a landing.
  7. I have found it doesn't matter that much as you want to carry speed through the corners, the harder you turn the more speed you drop
  8. I actually had FAR installed while beggining development of the plane. I definitely will open up the categories as I get more entries, I am thinking of splitting keyboard and flight controls as well @Scarecrow
  9. No due date, just submit when you want, yes separating SRB's is Legit My first complete attempt, but I messed up the bowl re-entry so I am not putting it in the results, I also crashed the landing into the water
  10. It's surprisingly difficult, Mordrac above did an awesome job, I think he will be hard to beat. OK, my first complete run was 11.04.29 +30 for a crash at the end, I didn't fly it flat out yet, this was just training for the big one, some bad missteps in this, I'll put it online ASAP
  11. A White Knuckle Speed-Race of the River K'yangtze as created by U/Bartacomus challenge posted on Reddit. New Beggars Canyon Super-Hard Mode - Drop an unguided bomb in the final tiny lake just before you zoom up the sheer cliff face! COURSE REGULATION and PLACING SUMMARY: This is a TIMED RACE that is calculated from STAGING to Movement STOP The time will be taken from the IN-GAME CLOCK must be visible and legible (any anomaly in time will result in DISQUALIFICATION) Flight MUST REMAIN BELOW 400 meters --Any Breach ABOVE 400 meters, Results in 30 second PENALTY, added to FINAL TIME (for each breach) --Any Breach ABOVE 400 meters, Longer than 3 seconds results in DISQUALIFICATION On reaching "The Ramp" (The end of the river) Pilot Must Fly OVER "THE RAMP" and into "The Bowl" Pilot must climb out of "The Bowl" vertically ( the Cliff Face) the canyon is Thousands of feet high. --Pilot must then turn and ReEnter "The Bowl" from above, and be back below 400 meters right after the ramp for the return leg TIME is taken the moment forward motion stops at "HOME PLATE" on the ground with your craft intact Ejecting parts is allowed until the turn around at THE BOWL, ejecting parts after then will result in the run being disqualified, losing parts after then will result in a 1m penalty staging fairings is allowed after the turn around -- a CRASH LANDING will result in a 1 minute PENALTY, added to FINAL TIME SRB's are allowed for take off Parachutes are allowed as braking agents, steering agents SRB's are allowed as braking agents, steering agents SRB usage on stock prop planes is limited to seperatons in the above usage scenarios, plus the climb up the cliff, it's full military power OK? (if any major balance issue arises final results categories will be split to separate craft) RESOURCES Badge Hyperedit Coordinates to put your plane on homeplate 22.2811 -38.605 Custom Waypoints for Waypoint Manager https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ETKIWfcYUIOYJ3LbqVx8UQ1yb2mtgGx0 THE LOCATION of the River K'yangtze THE RAMP (This is where you begin your ascent out of "The Bowl" THE BOWL (Course and River Boundary) THE HOME PLATE (Starting Line and Finishing Line) PROOF OF CONCEPT, with Joystick and pedals in VR! ALL RIGHT YOU WACKY KERBOWHATSITS.. you think you got the biggest koobles in KSP? Think you are ALEX ROGAN incarnate? A Better pilot than Luke Skywalker killing small animals on Tattoine? Heres your chance to show us what youre made of. I chose My Favorite river in the Game.. and trust me at high speeds this run IS A BLAST.. and at 400 meters? ITS INSANE!! - There's plenty of variety.. straight shots for speed accumulation, corners that REQUIRE killing almost all speed, sloping turns to see if you can maximize turning and velocity simultaneously, some tight squeezes.. and couple places you must hug the ground CLOSELY, to stay under 400 meters.. at the end is a sheer cliif face where the river just stops. The perfect place to pull back hard and shoot out of the canyhon like Luke Skywalker in the death star trench run. On the return course.. its just long enough of a course to force designing a plane around fuel.. and the added threat of landing on a RELATIVELY flat island. Its perfect for lifoff with a 5 degree grade,, but landing is another matter.. - Be sure to UpVote so we can reach as many Contestants as Possible.. Challenge your Friends.. and show Us your vids. SO STRAP IN YOU MIGHTY GREEN WARRIORS... we bout to give it the gas. SEE YALL ON THE PLAYING FIELD Results Tables Stock Craft with Controller Place Name Time Normal Super 1. @Yargnit 4:38 * 2. /u/Mordrac 7.33 +1m for losing engine * 3. @5parrowhawk 8.20 * 4. @selfish_meme 8:34 +1m for twice breaking 400m * 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Stock Craft with Keyboard Place Name Time Normal Super 1. @SuperHappySquid 5:25 * 2. @Alienwall 5:49 * 3. @boomchacle 6.34 * 4. @kaizokuroof 7:52 * 5. @Scarecrow 8:00 * 6. @Mac101 10.30 * 7. @5parrowhawk 13.55 8. 9. * 10. Stock Propeller Craft Place Name Time Normal Super 1. @CraterJumper 21:46 2. @SuperHappySquid 23:20 * 3. @selfish_meme 28:37 +1m for crash * 4. @Inter 29:25 * 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  12. It was @sgt_flyer who built the first stock Canadarm, this is almost a copy of his from our ISS pack, it was a brilliant idea, and kudos to anyone who can replicate his work, but from a practical point of view RCS tugs are much easier
  13. Mostly the same parts, just more and painted with decals. @eorin and @Exothermos is even better.
  14. This mod does not set textures, you want Firespitter or B9 Texture switcher, or make stock MM configs
  15. Started playing around with Duna stuff and old saves for fun, ended up with a silly recreation of the ending to The Martian
  16. I did but I ripped it from SSTU's shuttle anyway
  17. This was as far as I got (I scaled it up after this)
  18. I found out that interestingly this mod co-exists with the DCK colouring mod, obviously the textures being different from stock make the TU UI elements un-usable but it does give an overall nice metallic sheen to the colored parts.
  19. I like really like it, but the cockpit seems too small, or maybe the front is too fat and not pointy enough, really good job though
  20. Ubsurdly proud of this non succesful ubsurdity - it was made to see if there was a solution to the problem of twin engine startup torque on light gravity worlds. When you have two engines driving contra-rotating blades (obviously to counter torque issues) when you spin up the first engine, your craft is subject to the torque from just one engine for a while. I thought maybe if I drive both blades from the first engine, I may lose some power, but at least I have distributed the torque. then when I start up the second engine, both sets of blades will then spin up to nearly full power. The losses through this particular setup are more than 50% on both engines and what could fly easily without now barely generates any lift at all. Still it's one of the most complex gears I have ever built and it worked so........ win! PS: I think a lot of the problem is that the middle gear is too small, I need to make it bigger and slower, then the fast gears are the top and bottom ones PPS: yes that alleviated the problem, now it is much faster, still not fast enough, and size is now becoming an issue because I had hoped to shrink that stack down a bit
  21. Testing on Duna So I made a little video on Reddit of flying this on Duna. I have come to realise that besides it lacking directional authority (which I will fix). The terrain does not really suit planes. I have had lots of issues because of the comparatively long take-off required compared to Kerbin, and the terrain grade changes on Duna. But shortening that take-off impairs its ability on higher atmosphere world's. I think I will continue this research in another type of craft.
  22. Finally released a version, here you can see it in it's grounded configuration gears up and everything deployed on an arctic science expedition, if you use the emergency chutes you also have a ladder to the top of the wing. It has a relay antennae but the commutron antennae on the probe core still seems to go out of range if anyone knows about comms. I wanted to make it as easy and useful to use as possible, on Kerbin and other worlds. Some variations of props gave mean torque effects on take off. This takes off without input, which is as easy as I can make it! and still reasonably fast. PS: I also need to work on the docking so it can be timewarped.
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