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  1. It's evolving, it now has unlimited engine range, carries three Kerbals, Solar power recharging of main craft (i want to redock the engine but so far the claw has had krakenesque consequences), it sports a relay and also an antennae on the engine, this is supposed to be for exploring other worlds. Landing in water is hard, but once landed it floats nice and high, has parachutes for emergency landing (I am beginning to think this should be the standard way). Top speed of about 80ms, on take off it likes to break free of the ground suddenly and soar upwards, you need to be ready to intercept it, I am working on the wing placement to curb this.
  2. Sucky screenshot, but I had a go at an electric propeller driven craft for use offworld, interestingly, it has no bad torque habits, it is slow to take off though, mainly because I am not using deploy on the props, 8-10 small reaction wheels
  3. You won't be ignored here My thought is make it AVTOL (Assisted/Vertical Take off and Landing), because it will be almost impossible to land that thing without a huge amount of wing. Some rockets can be hidden in cargo bays (makes them aerodynamic for the normal SSTO ascent) Just enough to help get you off the ground barely on Kerbin, should be plenty for Duna or Laythe. They won't cost much in fuel if you only use them to get the nose in the air.
  4. Welcome back Rune! Nice Shuttle! I too thought the Vector was overpowered. I developed a mini shuttle mod that consisted of just some MM scripts to copy and better balance the Vectors and kickbacks and resize a few parts to make the tanks out of stock bits. Plus with firespitter add some colour options.
  5. Paragliders, cue heatshield and chair Emergency Evacuation pods!
  6. Mine is not finished, but it should be fully re-useable, it' stock, I am going to do the cargo bay differently to keep the part count down. I don't know if I will finish it, landing legs are bugged currently which makes it pretty hard to test.
  7. I sympathise, what about for people who have the craft in their hangars, do you get notified of updates? (only asking because I don't have any hangars)
  8. @katateochi did you ever consider moving updated craft to the top of the default page? Asking for a friend......
  9. I updated the DO 335 and it is now a 70ms+ 4 Juno plane with extended range, aerobatic ability and more accurate looks KerbalX I was getting frustrated with 1.25m fairings, they just didn't do what I expected them too, so I switched to the new structural tube and voila, my new 1.25m engine, I think my 4 engine plane might make 100ms with this new engine (Note: the engine is aerobatic, the plane is not )
  10. You make some of the best stuff, but the part count kills me!
  11. It seems to make no difference to top end speed, I had elevons on there before, but it may just be little adjustments, plus these give me a bit more wiggle room on takeoff
  12. I opened up an old craft thinking about making a screenshot and took it for a quick fly to see if it still worked. Amazingly it did, I also found out I was halfway through modifying a bearing. The new bearing was quite a bit better than the old one. It seems to be very reliable and durable (unfortunately no faster) So I finished off the plane and posted it. I think the bearing may take a bit more torque than my old RCS ball bearings, I will check it out, if so I might get this Dornier Do335 a bit faster. It's already a very stable and easy to fly plane with no torque issues, it would be good if it was a touch faster. Download
  13. I like to make it look good stock first, then if I use it in a video I might paint it for more impact. A spot of yellow on the back of an F4 II can make a huge difference in a video to it's perception.
  14. I built one, but it is just for show, you need a pretty hefty blade to get any speed underwater, which means a lot of force to move it. https://kerbalx.com/SelfishMeme/KAe-Deep-Sea-Vehicle
  15. This one was built on quitessa's bearing, to fit 1.25, it alleviated the nasty torque by using contra-rotating props, it used docking ports to release the bearing, but you could not redock. Unless you get the mod recoupler
  16. OK, I finally got this Falcon Heavy video out of the way, I need a new video editor, the quality gets worse the more I edit it. Probably have to pay for one.
  17. It's late, and my video editor is cheap as in free, but here is my stock SpaceX, Elon Musk, Tesla, and David Bowie tribute - may the stars continue to shine. You can get the updated Falcon Heavy and Tesla here https://kerbalx.com/SelfishMeme/Falcon-Heavy If you want the colours get the DCK mod https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/159310-13x-14x-dck-v0400-42-custom-part-textures-rims-transparent-aircraft-armor-and-other-goodies-for-ksp-stock-and-many-mods-supported3172018/ It's all updated for 1.4.2 no MH parts all stock
  18. One of the most useful tools to make stock bearings is the mod collide-o-scope, it shows the wireframe colliders
  19. A lot of us got inspiration from this guy it's an RCS/RCS bearing, though many have thrown other things in the mix https://kerbalx.com/quitessa/Ultrasmooth-Microbearing Like this, same principle, larger parts https://kerbalx.com/SelfishMeme/KAe-Stock-Turboprop-Cargo-Plane---new-bearing
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