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  1. OK I just run a test, I am running a Ryzen 5 1600x and a GTX 1080 with 16gb of Memory, playing at 1440p with all AA turned up to max, in Directx11. - no scatterer There seems to be no discernible difference in FPS, I took video and ran them side by side, I am just looking through the log now to see if I can see anything Edit: There might be between 5 to 10 FPS when I ran it again, hard to say, my FPS was varying between 30 - 40 between the 2 tests and dropping to 20+ when in the clouds @Galileo you might notice the squiggles in the sky on the video.
  2. Yeah I totally forgot that, restarting, damn Squad forgot to add shaders for their part thumbnails in Directx11
  3. Will this work with SVE cloud configs? I guess I'll find out, I just updated and run it, will report back soonish.
  4. Updated all Falcon 9's, plus added download for Falcon Heavy
  5. I have one of these as well that sits on the verge of actually working, using turboprops, looking good. Choose one. Nice job though.
  6. My rebuilt Saturn V Apollo 15 recreation utilising the MH parts, I have saved over one hundred parts and it is much better looking while retaining all the features of the old one. Click on the picture to go to KerbalX New Look Lander New rover look (that is from the version before the final one, but pretty close)
  7. Yep, was just reserving the post, up today, with the Falcon Heavy download link and updated Falcon 9's and support craft
  8. Project BFR SpaceX (Codename BFR) Interplanetary cargo spacecraft on the pad BFR Second stage engines BFR Seperation There is a bit of work to do on this, the basic design works, but it has no cargo capacity at present, and I won't be able to do it the same way that SpaceX is planning. Initial launch testing looks good, a Duna trip should be possible with refuel, Mun without.
  9. Falcon Heavy Falcon Heavy with car Falcon Heavy on the pad Falcon Heavy ascending Car
  10. It works fine for me, I am using the SVE configs, though I have now run into an issue with SVE and scatterer, so I am going to run over there
  11. SpaceX family of Rockets A release thread for my SpaceX family of rockets Falcon 9 Falcon 9 Block 5 series of boosters with Various Cargoes. The booster is good for cargo up to a full orange tanks and can do geostationary launches with ease. The majority of the outer ring engines are at only 80% thrust and there is also space for more fuel. If you wish to re-land the booster separate the second stage at around 50km apoapsis, use a steep ascent, this will maximise your chances of returning to KSC, or head for island runway. Once separated activate the RCS and turn the booster and start burning retrograde. Once all the main fuel is gone hit action group one to deactivate all engines, bar the landing three, and enable the landing fuel. You can adjust your course with this fuel, but keep at least a quarter for the landing itself. Deploy the airbrakes to help slow down and keep the booster pointed retrograde. It will slow to just under 300ms without engines, after that it is up to you, I start boosting at about 1000m up and throttle back as I get closer. Falcon 9 with Dragon 2 Crew Capsule Dragon 2 and 'trunk' in orbit Falcon 9 with ComSat Cargo Falcon 9 with ComSat Cargo in flight Big Ears ComSat in orbit Falcon 9 and Orbital Construction Rig Orbital Construction Rig
  12. They have always been possible, just a tiny bit tricky https://kerbalx.com/SelfishMeme/Atlas-Mercury It seems that by osmosis I have developed a fleet of SpaceX vehicles, may release a pack, the Falcon 9 is solid, the Falcon Heavy just needs some updates passed on and the BFR is still WIP
  13. I built a really nice Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy (40t+) and (150t+) to LKO respectively, plus have juice for return (waiting on editor extensions to update so I can strip symmetry and have three engines for landing) so I worked on something for them to do
  14. There is a mod called Kerbal Cities, which uses KK, and it too sucks the performance, even though the buildings are very minimalistic
  15. A test for the desert scene as well, took a bit to get working, I couldn't figure out why the light always looked white, turns out, invisible helmet lamps
  16. This is a replica of the Orion Spaceplane from 2001: A Space Odyssey. The carrier craft is a sub-orbital transport for quick intercontinental hops. It delivers the spaceplane to its orbital burn point. The spaceplane then circularises and rendezvous with a station or other craft. Download from KerbalX
  17. You can hack gravity without any mods to be what you want, so you could test on the runway with Duna gravity before taking the long trip there, just use the Debug menu
  18. I am on a new version, but the load times are horrendous on all of them, big fairings overlapping, means big delays
  19. Resolved second stage seperation issues, now I am trying to balance the fuel load, it's within a couple of meters of the real thing and makes orbit easily, improved many other features and am working on reuseability Not sure how but I have reduced load times and seperation times by about 30s It reminds me of the MC Hammer song I like big ... and I can not lie
  20. I find landing hardest, really hard to judge those last few meters and the sink rate
  21. Nice plane! I tried different types of pontoons, but mk1 parts only survive 10ms impact speeds, meaning you need a really slow landing speed on water, efficient SSTO's tend to have higher landing speeds, mk2 parts have 40ms, I could do mk2 as other have done in the challenge, but they all tend to go to Minmus to refuel, with this I can go Laythe direct. I am adding more fuel, rcs, solar, batteries etc, we will see how heavy I can get it and still take off and land. At the moment it is 10' + on ascent and easily leaves and lands, I would like to stretch the margins a bit more and even get another passenger if possible. I wonder if you could use RCS balls as, bearing, teeth and blades, super efficient!
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