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  1. yeah! what on earth? ..... or rather - what on flat earth??? the firmament?! i strive to be tolerant but this little doozy is hard to let slip through the cracks. SQUAD - your staff interject when we all complain, because apparently we're full of too much "salt". So here's some objectivity for you guys : Your devnotes used to be awesome, full of information and that's why KSP fans loved it. Now, your "KSP weekly" pretty much sucks and everyone knows it. Basically, your doing a reeeaaally wonderful job of creating a reeeaaally boring PR exercise. Wow, how to lose support of
  2. I must say, these new 'devnotes' are quite simply, rubbish. They might as well be hastily scrawled with pencil onto a napkin. Ambiguous, non descript one-liners that seem to inform yet do nothing of the sort. What happened to you Squad, where did you go?
  3. Don't know about the rest but personally, I can wait. I don't and can't and won't play KSP without it.
  4. Awesome mod. Immediate download. Great video too, btw.
  5. I'm jumping on the bandwagon of the above posts and declaring this to be AWESOME
  6. This hab pack is a classic, absolutely awesome to see it revived. Wonderful work mr tokamak! Just a quick question, i would love to see tac lifesupport with this, so its just a matter of the appropriate configs added, yes? If so I might play around and see if i can get it working with tac.
  7. Huh, that is interesting. This bug nearly ruined my whole career game and i had to port it over to a new one by cutting and pasting kerbal stats, kerbal final frontier flags and all other necessary info. one thing my plea for help did was make me realise how awesome the ksp community is, i started this thread and a week later some heads got together and found a solution.... Thank you guys!
  8. Thanx to kadrush and clorax for the input. You guys narrowed it down to far and background processing, so i kept far and threw out bp. Started a new career and tested for the bug and its all good. No nan kraken. So all fingers are pointing at background processing. Can live without it, cant live without far. :-)
  9. Firstly, thanks for your time and help with this issue guys. Earlier in my career game I launched my first sun probe, which left kerbins SOI and then this bug struck. So given the above information, is this embedded in the save file? Meaning, even if I do a fresh install and then smash my save game in, it won't work, or will it? Claw, I'm happy to do the time consuming thing but what is it that needs doing exactly? Is it a case of simply removing mods almost one by one, as I've done that yet I have to leave certain dependencies otherwise my crafts won't load in order to keep checking
  10. If I timewarp for quite a few days in the flight centre scene then my contracts also disappear. However, they come back on next game reload. Not sure, it might be something to do with contract reward modifier or contract configurator. Weird thing is when I warp using the KCT button, it all goes fine, it's just when I warp manually that they start dropping off the list.
  11. Yeah, bit of a problem. I spent two days scheming on removing mods then replicating my full install in sandbox (which worked fine), and finally I resorted to not touching any craft in orbit around Kerbol. I wait until they reach another planet's SOI then it seems to be ok again. So no adjustment maneouvres in transit but i can live with that. Hope this little bug doesn't end up being a game breaker as I have no clue as to what it could be. I don't use any SETI parts nor NF Electrical but i do have a boatload of mods installed so something is definitely screwing with the machinery.
  12. Hi Guys, I've noticed two other threads here already with the same problem and no solution. Basically I launch a vessel and when it leaves Kerbins SOI I can't go back to it from the flight centre screen (via alarm clock) nor the tracking station. When i do I get a black screen, massive lag and the NAN displayed everywhere. My log file : https://www.dropbox.com/s/25aak879xqw89ag/output_log.txt?dl=0 I'm literally weeks into my career game and feel sick at the thought of starting again. Would anyone be able to shed some light on the matter after having a glance
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