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  1. pingopete, I just want to thank you. I usually stop playing KSP until you mod is ready, but this time is absolutely amazing. I never took screenshots so amazing. Let me ask a question. Why don't you CKAN your git repo? I know RVE is still not ready (will it ever be? ), but there are a lot of users who like it (and install it) anyway. Personally it's the only mod I install manually.
  2. Maybe you can ask pjf to "force" techmanager in CKAN, so we can install RP-0
  3. I'm on CKAN v1.3.6 (with KSP 0.25) and I have the same problem. (I'm on Linux and yes, the "mozroots --import --ask-remove" command doesn't solve the issue). EDIT: I just recompiled CKAN from git and now it works
  4. Is the latest release 0.25 compatible? CKAN thinks so EDIT: My fault. It just downloads the textures and the biomes from the new version
  5. yes. That was the problem! xD Now it works. A bit buggy but it works The Earth as seen from the space looks amazing! The sky, anyway, does not became dark by night. And the clouds are actually balls. But I suppose that's just because RVE is a WIP yet.
  6. I just reported the problem on EVE GitHub page: https://github.com/rbray89/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements/issues/17
  7. But looks like the problem isn't related to your mod. Seems to be related to EveOverhaul, which is by rbray89 (I think)... Maybe this is the wrong place to report. Should I post the log to be more useful?
  8. After watching the new screenshots I tried again to install this mod, but no clouds again. So to find where's the problem I tried to install just EveOverhaul 9-2 in a vanilla KSP (no RSS) on Linux x64 without pingopete's mod and it shows no clouds, too. Am I doing something wrong?
  9. I thought there were more Linux users among RSS players (since it requires a lot of RAM and the Win64 is bugged).
  10. thank you pingopete for your work. I can't wait to see it finished and working. At the current state howeverer on my Linux x64 installation clouds aren't shown at all (i installed eve overhault 9-2, ddsloader and RVE from github). I suppose I have to wait for a stabler release.
  11. I've installed it with Astronomer's Pack on 0.25 (linux x64). No problems with stock EVE. Astronomer's city lights don't work. Well, I just reverted to stock EVE city lights that are nice too. No problems to report.
  12. Texture replacer http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/60961-0-25-TextureReplacer-1-7-2-%289-10-2014%29-Female-name-detection
  13. If I had more than two other mods installed, KSP (linux x64) crashed while loading the texture of the repair can (model000.png). I spent a lot of time adding and removing mods. But I couldn't find which was causing the crash. No problem on vanilla and no problem with up to 2-3 other mods. But with enough mods KSP always crashed when MC2 was installed... also after removing and redownloading KSP from steam. Finally I replaced the repair can texture with a dummy one. No problem since then. Just a white repair can xD
  14. So... In the Kerbin Atmosphere there's no need for Oxygen...uhm... I'm feeling very stupid right now I hope nobody wasted his time reading my logs. EDIT: tested in 0.24,0.25,x86 and x64... no problems beyond 9000m