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  1. Yes thanks. This is more what I'm looking for. KOS is good but WAY over my head and complicated. I am not any good at coding at all. Oh yea Smart Parts! I forgot about that one. Must check it out!
  2. Thanks. I downloaded and installed. Following the tutorial I found and added the control part and sent it out to the pad. I then right clicked the part as the tutorial said but the popup didn't give me an option to open the screen. I don't know if this is a problem with me using 1.2.0 or a mod miss match. Edit: OK Fixed it. I needed to download the new pre-release update. Works fine now!!
  3. I was wondering. Is there a way to have the fairings on a rocket be auto-deployed at a specific altitude or air pressure? Thanks!
  4. I just did a basic test using my X-55 HOTAS and so far the stick and throttle are recognized and work fine. Haven't tested mapping any buttons yet. Although I have found for the x-55 that even with the Game input all the way down it is way too sensitive and over steers like an SOB. Don't know if that's a game or stick problem yet and the update drivers are still in BETA.
  5. OK, I see what you mean. That helped tremendously. Thanks!
  6. HI. I am trying to assemble an orbital fuel station. I'm using a spoke and wheel style. One six point hub with six arms. I have hub adapters on each arm with a long structure linking the arms. The problem I have run into is I've assembled the parts in the VAB and they all fit perfectly. But in orbit there is a huge gap between one hub cap and the connecting structure. Am I missing something obvious? Why would there be such an obvious gap when in the VAB they all fit? EDIT: Oh yes I'm using KSP 1.0.5 on a windows pc
  7. This is more about how my brain works. But when I read the title I pictured more of a Wile E Coyote, ACME type of catapult.
  8. I wanted this flag almost from the first time I played the game. It's from the 1960's Movie "Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun (North American Title), "Doppelganger" (Original Brit Title). Playing the game reminds me so much of the ending of the film. If you get a chance to see it do so it's a laugh!