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  1. I just preformed a full scan of Kerbin for anomalies, and can confirm that the new surface features do not appear on the map.
  2. Nice find on those crystals, did not find anything except Baobab trees, flying search patterns for over 6 hours now >.< But I just love this expansion, a whole game just opened up for me extremly, later I might try out building helicopters, and after that I have a date with Eve for a new type of a mission. Big kudos to Squad!
  3. Big kudos to Squad for making planets more interesting and having a reason to stay and plan surface missions. I was waiting for this a loooong time, it will be a expansion that brings me back to KSP for sure. Cant wait!
  4. Thank you for replies folks, really, I appreciate it a a lot, this is really the best game community I participated in by far, those are some great replies. I just wanted to clarify on KJR bit, while I just love the mod, as pointed out by @Amianoob, I am as well internally divided on its use, I kind of hated myself for using it, and at first I thought it would make things just too good, and it rides on this fine line of "Being a Kerbal Way" vs "Being a Real Sim", and naturally, there are conflicting opinions. And as @regex pointed out, things were really bad, I am playing since 0.17 and li
  5. First to start of, I have been restraining myself from writing this post for over a year now, and am beginning to think that I might be just too whiney in my head, since I seldom see topics like this brought up on the forum. It feels like everyone is fine with stuff I am about to mention and only a few people bring these things up. First of in pretext I would like to say that KSP has been and still is my No 1 game, most of the time the only game I have on my PC, and it is an absolute marvel and refreshment in video game industry. There is hardly any game so rewarding and beautiful as our belov
  6. Minimus! I was blown away when I first realized it was there (in 0.16), was the first object I landed on, and is plain awesome! Tylo must be the second one, love zipping close over the mountain tops at orbital speed Pol / Laythe share the third place, pol for being original and Laythe for being really fun However, I consider Kerbol system a bit boring, I miss the outer planets really much, and i do not understand why Squad has not implemented Gas Planet 2 & 3 already.
  7. Downloaded v9rc3 30 minutes ago and was sad to see the big map not working, came here to post screenshots and found rc4! Thank you so much, without this mod i didn't even want to start playing, so now I am confirming everything works so far.
  8. The bodies do not cast shadows, but I think solar panels behave in a correct way when Kerbol is eclipted by another body. So while you don't get the realistic looks, you still get realistic behaviour.
  9. 1> Learn to use asparagus staging. If you never seen this at work, launch a stock Kerbal X rocket, examine how it works. 2> Read KSP Wiki. That is the one single best resource for KSP. 3> Learn interplanetary transfers, the best place to start is ---> http://ksp.olex.biz/ 4> Learn to aerobrake, this is a technique you can use for saving up tons of fuel when encountering Jool, Eve, Duna and returning to Kerbin. 5> Always try to use the lowest possible parking orbit (70000m) for doing transfer / deceleration burns due to oberth effect. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oberth_e
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