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  1. I once send Jeb on a 3 year vacation to Laythe
  2. Making fairing confetti Roasting marshmellows at engine exhausts
  3. Ah, should've posted this there . I would like to have it changed to: Secuas Thanks in advance!
  4. Is there any chance I could have my username changed? It's awful and it brings up bad memories.
  5. Nice looking x-15 you got there, maybe some day I'll dare try RSS. By the way I believe the real-x-15 had a detachable bottom fin though
  6. Here is my entry for the STS-1a (commander) challenge. (gotta start somewhere right? ) I will be trying the other challenges as well. In the image below is a complete list of all mods I use, most of them don't add parts but are there to enhance the game a little. Mechjeb was only used for orbital procedures. And the video log of the flight: To be honest I could have flown it a bit better, but after the boosters drop it kinda starts jiggling (anyone have a remedy for this?) As for the design I went for a more classic approach.
  7. Here's a video I made of my MK3 SSTO, Magical Trailblazer. It can carry an orange tank to orbit and fly back. The flight path is fairly simple just keep a 10 degree angle and raise the nose to 40 when you engage the rapiers.
  8. Thanks for the help everyone! One note though, are those pre-coolers actually useless? They still provide fuel and intake air.
  9. After implementing some of your advice I came up with this: It's gotta at least look a little nice https://imgur.com/a/grE4V (Embedding it doesn't seem to be working)
  10. That would defeat the point of my ssto, it's supposed to deliver it to the station and fly back.
  11. Thanks for the insight guys! I redesigned the first one to carry one orange tank, It can reach an 150x150 orbit so it can rendezvous with my station at 100 km orbit. with only 10 Dv left. Any tips on improving this without making it larger? (the statistics in the picture are with orange tank in the carge bay included)
  12. So I actually just overengineered the first craft for the payload it is supposed to carry?
  13. So I decided to build up SSTO's again the other day I came up with this design: It can deploy an 18 ton payload in 100x100 stable orbit. Considering the size of the payload bay it's quite big. (6 rapiers, 3 whiplash) After trying another design I made a smaller one with even fewer engines. It can do the exact same as the first one despite it being smaller and having less engines. Second desgin: My question is how was this possible, I'm not quite sure why this works. Same payload less engines. (6 rapiers)
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