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  1. Heh, thanks Beale, had a feeling that might be the case. Angled nozzles make sense now that I've had some time tonight testing the new parts out. Now that Kopernicus is updated I'm playing at 2.5x scale, was thinking maybe using SMURFF might help shift the COM to a better spot? In the meantime I've added a bit of weight via an mm cfg to the engine part to balance things out. Handles much better with the COM shifted a bit. @Marcelo Silveira Thanks for the link to RCS Build Aid, I'd forgotten that was a thing.
  2. Requesting advice on RCS placement on Soyuz. I'm finding it difficult to balance the RCS blocks for translation, mainly due to the slightly angled RCS nozzles at the base of the S5.80 engine part causing rotation. I know I can use the advanced tweakables (although they don't show up on the part in editor / flight, have to edit the part cfg) but I also have an issue where activating certain SAS modes switches those rotation / translation options on or off... Anyone have any suggestions on how they deal with it?
  3. I'm thinking the 200-300m/s might be the issue here, pitching over at higher speeds might be catching a lot of air and flipping things over. I usually start a turn around 100m/s and try to keep acceleration down with either plenty of throttle control or lowering the first stage thrust to a lower TWR. Edit: Just tried out starting turn at 300m/s. With fins on, I can barely get the rocket to turn, let alone flip. Without fins, I did have a flip at around 550m/s and around 30° into the turn.
  4. Pretty sure Squad has their hands full with a tonne of bugs as is without taking on the community's mods. It'll get done when it's done, we can continue to be patient. For what it's worth though, I'd love to see KSP2 include a system / body scaling option by default. Would be super handy.
  5. Sounds are good. Ladders work well! Edit: Actually, ladder fouling on fuel tank slightly when separating depending on placement, but not a huge issue.
  6. No probs, thanks anyway. I took a stab at the code myself a while back and screwed something together that kind of worked, but I can achieve the desired results manually with action groups anyways. Flow controllers very useful for that!
  7. Thanks for keeping this mod alive @linuxgurugamer. I have a suggestion I think might be useful (but if anyone can point out a way of doing this with existing parts, please disregard). Triggers based on AP and PE values on ascent or descent... Example, you might want to cut fuel or shutdown engines at an AP of 80km on launch. Another example, I try to avoid leaving any spent used stages in orbit after launch, so eg: staging second last stage at a PE of around 20km so that it will return to Kerbin, leaving only a small bit of dv spent to finalise maneuver for the orbiting vessel.
  8. I'm really excited about having this for 2.5x. Thanks very much for your work. Also, feedback on the "new 1.5m era" Soyuz stuff. It's fantastic. Textures all round look great, engine effects get a thumbs up too. And the sound choice is excellent. 10/10.
  9. Kinda leaning towards 3, but 2 might be better if you want to avoid a jungle of parts for users to wade through in the editor. But option 4... That would be neat. Edit - just had a read about B9. Very neat.
  10. Can't seem to vote on the "1.5m Diameter Parts in General" poll but I'll comment anyway. I kinda like the original 1.25 stuff. Back when I was starting work on my own Soyuz-style parts I was going to go with 1.6ish as well, but 1.25m seemed a better fit. I don't know why, maybe just because of simplicity matching up with other mod parts at the time. But 1.5m looks good too, especially since everything else I would want to use with the Soyuz rocket is already in the Tantares packs. Worrying about what other mods it will match up with is kinda irrelevant.
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