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  1. Okay, so first landing on Duna, first footfalls on Duna, first base on Duna, and first exploration on Duna, first discoveries on Duna... (PS: What follows is supposed to be a gif, if it isn't playing, can anyone help me with the process of embedding a gif or MP4 file with its player? This was done using the Insert Image button below.) (EDIT: okay, the WYSIWYG isn't G me what I wanted, and I'm not S what is supposed to be a gif... Halp? This post will be edited once this is figured out...) EDIT EDIT: Gah darnit. Okay, I am still asking for how to GIF forums, pls, but might as w
  2. Not sure if this has been answered elsewhere here: how does one upload an Imgur-hosted video or GIF as a live player? Insert Image From URL won't do it, and neither will typing the link in the post.
  3. OMG this is really doing the math, and also made me realize I was undeniably lucky managing to pass trigonometry in high school (God, I don't want to go back there again, haha), and I am so sorely tempted to load up a clean KSP with AA, HSI, PAPI, Flight Indicators, and what was that mod that would live-track vessel path again (Persistent Trails)? and try to fly an instrument approach, just to see what path it would trace, if I wasn't too busy trying to complete an Elcano right now along with other real life stuff. I also know there's supposed to be a mod capable of tracking flight data, so co
  4. I'm tempted to ask for the calculations you derived, but as the old joke goes, the reason why I went to law school is that I can't do the math (and then tax law came about and RageFace.jpg). However, both considering your disclosure that you're running an autopilot, and my own experience that I have HSI (this one), the PAPI mod, and one of the HUD mods that projects a flight path indicator, you raise an interesting point, but we may also need to check one variable. (Though please also note that I'm running with 1.9.1 at the moment, but I don't think there would have been anything dra
  5. Never gone that size yet, but you can test it by cheating a construction facility and resources and engineers into orbit and seeing if it can hold up to it. In theory, there should be no problem as, so as long as the deployment area for the Orbital Kit is clear, and you have the resources, microgravity means the entire setup shouldn't tear itself apart no matter how big the deployed box gets. That doesn't mean however it couldn't happen: the connection between the kit and the construction facility is a docking port, and if you try and maneuver the construction yard with SAS on, it can
  6. After landing on Duna (legitimately, as in no cheat/hyperedit) for the first time ever since June 8 2014 when I purchased 0.23.5 (too many Krakendamned back-to-square-one with every major update), made the foolish choice to start a Duna Elcano because why not, and discovered that in the intervening six years I've become more vulnerable to motion sickness while playing games, which is not helping my stomach endurance in running an Elcano. Especially on Duna.
  7. You need to switch to a vessel that is not in the loading scene, meaning more than 2.2km away. Or to be safe, switch to a craft in another part of the planet. Or something orbiting the planet. Or another planet entirely. Or go to the Tracking Station, even. The vessel must be unloaded from the active gameplay because what BV does is it repositions the vessel while you're busy doing something else, along its calculated route until it arrives, or you interrupt it by loading/jumping into the vessel again before the destination. You can see this by running the autopilot, returning to the Tracking
  8. Workaround: Click Setup; set the fairing pressure to a negative number. If yo want to only deploy fairings as stacked but not past a certain point: set your stage limit to any stage BEFORE the fairing you DON'T want deployed. Set the fairing deploy pressure to a negative number. ENSURE that your launch profile will use up the stages tight up to before the limit, including the fairing stages you want deployed. BE WARNED: setting a stage limit that is arrived before your apoapsis height has been established as desired will mean You Will Not Go Into Space TodayTM, please redo your Setup.
  9. Okay, I'm not the mod author, but in the spirit of assistance especially to Igor when he reads your post, more detail please. You mentioned KAS connectors. We're talking about the same KAS, right? The new implementation by Igor whose KAS connectors no longer do the pipes, and not the old KAS where they did do the pipes? Because the KAS connectors of nuKAS don't stack. Neither do the joint bars of nuKAS. Not at all. I cannot recall anymore if the old KAS connectors stacked, and if that memory dates back to when KAS also handled storage functions before it was spun off to KIS and KAS.
  10. Hey again, allista! Couple of queries. First, are the docking ports of the dockable kit containers (particularly the construction ports) compatible with the USI Konstruction mod's weldable docking ports? (let's just say I've been having trouble with getting a craft's nodes to expose in the build scene for GC to identify, so I was thinking if I used weldable docks to somehow get around it). It doesn't seem like they're compatible, but this brings up another query. And second, as pictured below, I was testing if the kit can dock to a weldable dock. But when I set the control-from-here
  11. Thanks for the compile/rerelease! Questions: I can replace the previous/pre-this-release KipEng folder with the one here without any issues? (as in there are no substantive changes between your rerelease and the original release that will break crafts built with the last version UDPs, for example?) And would you have plans or interests to make a 5m and/or 7.5m version of the megachonk UDPs?
  12. I vote for keeping it, I bury my reactors in parts or in bayload bays (as though shielding it) and sometimes having to play with the camera to access buried parts is just a hassle. Also the control sliders are a little finer-tuned in the US than they are in the PAW.
  13. Hiya maja, one proposal would be to add a settable offset (say x number of meters from target), maybe a cardinal direction or bearing from target as well. Or randomly within that circumference, but it does create the complication of arriving in a zone with multiple vessels, usually like MKS or Pathfinder bases which allows for discrete base/vessels in a given flight scene and range to interact; the rover could be targeted to arrive at an offset from the targeted but it just so happens that another vessel is on that same spot. Maybe add a conflicting traffic check as well prior to spawning, and
  14. I know what you mean. I don't use Restock myself, but what I can show you is what I hope can help you as a workaround: What you're aiming to do is to make a subassembly of your docking ports with some sort of removable "guide" to indicate which way is up. In the picture above, that would be the 1.25m battery with a Communotron 88-88 surface attached to where the "up" point would be (A). For the basic docking port, it's stacked to the "working"/front end so the back is free to be connected to your craft, like in (C). When you're done attaching, you take out the battery and you're done
  15. For the stock docking ports, their graphical design is actually not symmetrical in the vertical/z axis. For example, when looking at the "front (SPH)/top (VAB)" or the "working end" of the docking ports in question, the Docking Port Jr. has the '__' look on its face (the classic "Docking Port Jr. Is Not Amused" face ) with the "eyes" being Z+. For the other two docking ports, there is this black bar on the center that is above the (imaginary) horizontal/lateral/X-axis bisecting diameter of the disc face, and the side this bar is on is generally treated as the Z+. All these are based on how th
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