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  1. The Kerbal race has built an entire aerospace program consisting of a lighted runway and launchpad, a hangar, a tall construction building, a satellite tracking station, R&D facilities, etc.... ....and the best power system they could come up with for their first space launch is.... nothing? When you start this game you get nothing? No batteries, no fuel cells, no solar panels? I know it's a game, and it's in alpha, etc. And I can suspend disbelief. After all, I'm flying little green dudes to the moon. But come ON! Signed, Anybody Who Ever Used Timewarp With SAS On
  2. It would be nice if the existing maneuver node system was available inside the tracking station view, to be used for mission planning.
  3. I started a new game a few days ago, with the intent of opening the tech tree with the fewest number of flights possible. I was able to accomplish this in 10 flights. Here's a hastily-produced .gif showing each design on the launch pad. How many flights does it take you?
  4. It's not, but it definitely has the same vibe. Reticulating splines.
  5. I was aiming for Minmus, and then things got weird.
  6. Your link went to a store page that wasn't clear as to what the game was, but I went looking and, WOW! IIRC, there was some supposed footage of GTAV floating around the tubes some months before official material was released. Seems to me it had to have come from this game.
  7. I don't have any idea, but the number is surely in the thousands. Almost since I first began, KSP has been running 24/7 on my computer. Sometimes I play fullscreen for hours without a break, sometimes I play in a window 5 minutes at a time while taking a break from other things. I don't play KSP via Steam, but I seem to recall that even if a game is paused, Steam counts that as play time. Just sayin'.
  8. That does work, assuming you have easy access to your monoprop tanks. But I can't be the only one who tucks those into places where they become impractical to manually shut on/off. Monopropellant tanks should be assignable in Action Groups, to be toggled in symmetry. Either that or, an $ALT-RIGHT_CLICK on a tank in flight mode should result in the selection of that tank and all symmetried tanks. (This would have utility beyond the monoprop discussion.)
  9. I'm thankful for the ability now to turn RCS tanks (and nozzles!) off. That has been a big advancement. But sometimes, my tanks are hidden... behind or "inside" other parts, so it's impractical to shut them off. But I got to thinking.... I can't really think of a typical case where you would want to use the monoprop in an upper stage, while some is still available on a lower stage. Now certainly, if that's what you wanted to do, it should be (and is) possible. But wouldn't it be a safe assumption for the system to automatically prioritize fuel use from the lowest stages?
  10. I think the answer can be found within a question. What is the difference between trash, refuse, rubbish, and junk?
  11. That's about the only way to do it, stock. I'm impressed that you managed to pack an LRV - nicely done!
  12. I've done accurate Apollo missions, stock and with mods. It's probably my favorite thing to do. But I've found that really, the best option in KSP is one that was rejected by NASA for use in the Apollo program. Earth Orbit Rendezvous Typically, I'll put into Kerbin orbit the equivalent of the Apollo capsule, service module, and S-IVB. Then I'll launch a complete, 2-stage LEM into the same orbit, and rendezvous. The docked craft is then injected into Munar orbit. The S-IVB stage is jettisoned, and the "Kerpollo" is on its way. Ends up looking something like this, when playing pure stock:
  13. Wouldn't it be nice if the game would let you select a position on a planet/moon for landing? This could be implemented using the existing targeting system.
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