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  1. Welp this is something else to look forward to. Looks awesome already. For you guys that haven't played TA, the Spring RTS engine has a free version called Balanced Annhilation. http://springrts.com/wiki/Games
  2. I'm eating sunflower seeds and we've got a stash of food to help.
  3. Everyone get this ready THEY'RE DOING THE SYSTEMS CHECK. HNNG
  4. -salute GODSPEED CURIOSITY! Watching http://www.ustream.tv/nasajpl with 3 other people
  5. Certainly would make this easier to film. I dunno about the lag though.
  6. WE. ARE. DONE. Late Night Premier of The Falling Star.
  7. Well we've been working on it, and it was half done by the time we actually went public with it. Two weeks of development, and this was the final week.
  8. The SPC is Shark Punching Center, I think you had a typo there. http://www.scp-wiki.net/10-30-a-m < Shark Punching Center.
  9. Good news everyone, THE MOVIE IS FINISHED! We'll be having a movie viewing party later today when the movie is uploaded to youtube. It's been quite the adventure!
  10. Yep. Now our front page is screwed up. THREE MINUTES of filming footage and then editing. Then about 6 hours of rendering and another for uploading. And by tomorrow, it'll be ready.
  11. Off Topic, but I have no idea how new forum works. 8 MINUTES TILL WE'RE FINISHED! Basically I greenscreened or bluescreened the background out, and copied the planes.
  12. Filler Gif for extra luls. Currently planning the final battle.
  13. Yeah, the superweapon drops my FPS to 4 and takes up about 1/5th of the runway. This will be GLORIOUS-ly laggy.
  14. You know it! The missile launched planes were interesting to build and fly at least. Not very ideal since I had to refilm a bunch of times. And yeah, 15 minute battle. The 10 minute tank/air battle was easier since it was just in one area, but this one has 5 stages of battle, and has naval, aerial, and land battles happening all at once. And a superweapon.