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  1. The screen shots looks like the kinda issues I've sometimes seen when graphics card ram gets too hot or is clocked too high. I don't know if AMD GPUs of that generation has built in temperatures sensors on the RAM or you can adjust the RAM speed in the AMD software. Might be worth testing lowering RAM speed, if possible, to either confirm or eliminate that as an issue.
  2. Have you tried using the "Paste as plain text". I think the forum software has issues with links being pasted normally, because it assumes if you paste with formatting (which is the default) then it means you don't want the forum to expand it to a proper embedding. Same goes for pasting image links.
  3. Moved from Suggestions & Development Discussion forum, as it turned out to be a Gameplay Question..
  4. Moved a couple pages of discussion off to their own thread. Please make new threads when you're going off on tangents. It greatly inconveniences user who comes to this thread to read about SpaceX, when you have to search through off-topic posts, because there's less than 2 actual SpaceX related posts per page. It's acceptable to make an off-topic comment as part of your post, but it shouldn't be the point of the post, and if you feel you have to quote or comment on another users off-topic comment, make a new thread for it or do it in an existing that covers that topic. If you have questions or concerns about this post, PM me or Report it and we'll discuss it.
  5. Split some off-topic discussions off into separate threads. Please keep the discussion to what SpaceX have done, are doing, or have announced plans to do.
  6. Moved some post from the past weeks over from the SpaceX topic.
  7. I like the sketch page. The 3-dimensionality makes them seem very real.
  8. This is awesome! What happens if you're on a tidally locked planet?
  9. Moved from Tech Support forum, as this seems to be a question about mods.
  10. To me, it sounds similar to that science experiment where you combust gas in a tall glass beaker. Some times referred to as barking dog, or hydrogen bark. I don't think it's anything unusual.
  11. You can put stuff on imgur without making it into a "post" on imgur. Most of my stuff on imgur is. Only visible if you have the link.
  12. Awesome. Wonderful style and I enjoy the else-world designs.
  13. Moved some Starlink posts to the the Starlink topic.
  14. Off-topic posts split from SpaceX thread.
  15. I'm glad you had use of it. I used a mod to allow me to rotate it in 1 degree increments. I think, it was called Editor Extensions. I'd start out at 5 degrees. Time it to 450 m/s in level flight at sea level (if it'd even do that). Then go back to hangar and and make small adjustments up or down, test again to see if would shorten the time. In my opinion, exact angles aren't really required, though, except for reproducibility, like if you have to pull the wings off for a redesign, and want to put them back on at the same angle. I haven't actually played KSP for a while, so I can't really recommend a current mod to help you. Sorry.
  16. Val

    Be PC in KSP

    I don't hink this belongs in Science & Spaceflight, so it has been moved to The Lounge.
  17. Fonts in web pages are really inconsistent. Depending on device and browser, it may replace it with a different one, if it doesn't have access to the font that was specified in the page. The comic sans my browser shows is not cursive. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_typography
  18. I love that movie, but those big boxes on the wings kinda ruin the aesthetics for me.
  19. It shouldn't be related to MJ. Usually it's adjusted in the KSP General settings.
  20. I was a regular member and was told I got picked as moderator because my responses were helpful and polite. (Of course that all changed after I got to be moderatar. MUAHAHAHAHAH)
  21. Moved from KSP2 discussion.
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