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  1. bakanando

    Squadcast Summary 2015/08/07 - The Duna Attempt

    Oh god, this is bad. I can't complain about anything. Thanks for the summary. I haven't played in a long time now, but I like to keep up with development.
  2. bakanando

    Loading Quicksave reverted to Months Ago!

    Have you made any named saves? Loading one of those could save your game.
  3. bakanando

    Squadcast Summary 2015/07/31

    Is he the pointy-haired boss of squad? I'd think it is because of him that we don't get any orbital information or any useful info. A dev that doesn't know how to play their own game is scary.
  4. The flea is still overpowered, underfueled, and overweight. It's sad to see a new part with a good idea being so broken in implementation. The squad spent time designing a part that you'll only use once per science/career play.
  5. bakanando

    DevNotes: "something rather brilliant from RoverDude"

    Just think about it like you do with RCS, that also drains from everywhere.
  6. bakanando

    PS4 Announcement Discussion

    Considering the direction development has been going for a while, rockets wont be the only things crashing and burning if they keep the same course.
  7. bakanando

    3.75 m parts + SAS = Death Wobble

    The rockomax 2.5 decoupler is also a very wobbly part, after switching to separators of the same size I've had little to no wobbly rockets in past versions. I reduce the use of the decoupler as much as I can for that reason.
  8. bakanando

    Wat's your worst Ksp 1.0 glitch?

    I haven't had memory related crashes, but I play on linux and things are more stable here memory wise. I did had #3 happen to me in a 0.90 save, I had to revert to an older save as I was having many different glitches occurring after the inital borking.
  9. This would work if it was interstellar space, in interplanetary space there are no stars in-between.
  10. bakanando

    Devnote Tuesday: Slow News Day I

    Will there be a squadcast this week?
  11. bakanando

    Is KSP too expensive?

    I would have payed $30 for 0.24. I wouldn't pay $20 for 1.0
  12. The real one weights just a bit more than 5.5 T and at 4m diameter is a bit less that twice the size. The kerbal one is extremely heavy for a thing that should be as light as possible. In my case, I'm using the hitchhikers for transporting more than two kerbals at a time.
  13. bakanando

    DirectX for Linux?

    OpenGL will make the game run more stable in either platform, your problem might be somewhere graphics related though. Try reading the Linux Thread and post more information about your pc's specs or you won't get much help.
  14. Don't forget about the EVA reports on mun orbit differ between different geological regions/biomes, you can get about 300 just from milking those. I've finished the 90 science mark without even landing on mun, which is the next project you should aim for. Contracts won't give you enough science to advance much.