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  1. Can not transfer Fuel I have two crafts connected by a pair of CC-R2 connector ports. There is a pipe between the two crafts. I can not transfer fuel between the two crafts. I can do other resources, but not fuel, and it is not just this craft it all crafts i have tried so far. Does everybody know why I can not transfer fuel. Thank you,
  2. No, just the basic parts: one control part, the freeze chamber, and batteries for one quick freeze. I'll put on some radiators and see what happen. Went to do another test, and it seems to work fine. Hope it stays that way.
  3. When trying to freeze a kerbal I get a error message saying "Cannot freeze while temperature is greater then 300c". I get this message at the launch pad and in space. How do I lower the temperature. I'm using the CRY-0300 and B-10k batteries as a quick test ship.
  4. Vladthemad did you find a fix for this problem? I'm also having this problem and can fix it by editing the persistent file but would like to avoid doing that every time a kerbal going EVA.
  5. Great now I'll have to go watch Frozen again.
  6. The thing I find most frustrating about watch a Kerbal Space Program video on YouTube. Is that once in a while I try to grub the screen and try to rotate the view.
  7. I am trying to attach a rotatron to a girder that is on a space station using Kerbal Attachment System. The part attaches but KSP will not knowledge that the part is there, it will not highlight when the mouse pointer goes over it and the part disappears when the station a reloaded. So how compatible is IR with KAS?
  8. When trying to add the EAS-1 External Command Seat to the SC-62 Container. The mouse pointer disappears and no EAS-1 icon appears. The item does seem to go to in the container as the storage weight changes, but no icon in the container shows up.
  9. So the mod works mostly with the 64bit program, but will not work with the 32bit program. I followed the Installation Instructions, but KSP will crash between the loading screen and the main menu. The 64bit would be ok if it was not for the warning window saying the some of the mods are not compatible with this version of the program, and the fact that when I use research point the icons does not turn green and the next branches do not show up until after I leave the research facility and come back.
  10. Question: How can I move research data from a Mobile Processing lab on Minmus to the Space Center on Kerbin? I tried using a lander with a Command Pod Mk 1 but was told that the pod could not handle the data, so I brought the data back to the lab. I would like to avoid transmitting the data as that will result in a loss of much of the data. Is there something else that is can land on Minmus that can handle the data and bring it back to the Space Center? Thank you for any help
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