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  1. although screwing ALL physics and breaking physics laws in totally physics based "game" sounds pretty much weird and senseless, I'd say that it's actually very possible to crash things even with alt+f12 no crash damage, happens to me often too
  2. ... and replace them with nicely rendered static PNGs. what I'm sure about - they will look just better and more eye-candy without all this aliasing as we have them now. and _possibly_ this will end us up with less memory consumation, because it may be that processing hundreds of parts' 3D models is much more consuming that just displaying them as images. (I'm not sure if it actually will tho without going deep into source code and understanding how this particular thing is implemented in this game)... It is already rolling model in on-hover popup there, why to also roll the button itself? The
  3. so amirite that basically this tool is to control of which textures to be converted and i should be fine with ATM while i'm still not-so-deep in KSP?
  4. thanks, it's all fine now. руÑÂÑÂúøõ ÿþòÑÂюôу =)
  5. not working for me, contract window still happens to be stock one. toolbar is installed. 0.25 win x86
  6. the icon doesn't appear on toolbar... mod's not working as result
  7. thank you for reply! is there any point of using both of them or should i choose just one? if second, then which one is better?
  8. nothing to describe, the subject says it all vouch if u like the idea!
  9. please excuse my dumbness (it's just few days as I'm "playing" KSP), but is this thing doing same stuff as Active Texture Management?
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