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  1. 1.1 less laggy , performance better..... BUT... crashy.. a lot of game crash, more than before.. game crash on vab, launch pad , in flight.... i expect to see my rocket to crash..not the game!!!!! and kerbals still kick ladders.. and base on minmus, for exemple, jump..and jump when i switch from any ship/probe/whatever things andcome back to the base... even just connecting someting make it jumping high.. orbital station disassemble...i assume its same things that make bases jumps, it simply destroy stations i keep my opinion about ksp.. could be great.. but so many things/bugs make it so bad to play.. uninstalling again.. and see an other game.. adios, i have enough of ksp crashes
  2. i give a try to your mod.. try..try.. and love it..its bring me back on ksp :P[URL=""][/URL] if you can see few screenshots.. on minmus i even do a kind of rover/lander with your parts.. can be dock to the base or on orbit hehe.. placing rcs wasnt easy, maybe an rcs inside your engine unit.. or an other units including rcs.. maybe its asking too much :P lol
  3. no power save, im running on a desktop, on performance setup, so... i have rune the game wityhout anti-virus , ..whatever i do, its still pretty unstable, very annoying, not counting dissapearance of ships , i just can guest it crash somewhere but when it was at a stable orbit, i could only really guest its AGAIN an other bug... so many bug and crash on that game, im starting to rename KSP .. KRASHYn'SUCKY-PROGRAM.. great wow factor, EXTREM POOR QUALITY, .. well i started to think to put Squad put in the list of "money lover company", those who give things only for money and dont care about quality... no fun at buying that cheap stuff!!!!!
  4. ok.. ppfx off.. as im playing, i just suffer an otehr game crash, but i dont think its related to this was using a claw, but i wanted to grab a specific part on the second vessel, i switch to the second vessel, align it.. but i see i was on a good line, so i stay on that craft until the claw catch it.. the second it grab the vessel with the claw, the game crash i was orbiting munmis mods i have is Planet Shine, Mechjeb, KAS, KIS, Infernal Robotics, Radial Engine Mount
  5. everything is there.. required antenna power dock 2000 ore cupolla 6 kerbal capacity... build all on minmus, 3 trip, fuel tanks and sciences module as extra, 4 antenna ( dont tell me its MUST be that little tier 1 antenna) about 10 solar, batts and power for a year of drilling... everything.. but the contract didnt end "must be build after accepting contract" is the only part unckeck.... i had planned to build that refinery, but when i see that contract in the list, i focus on it, so YES it was started AFTER accepting the contract!!!!!! No parts have been added from an old ship....... no fun an other career screwed cause i have invest all my money on that contract, i expected a nice 700,000 kerbucks...
  6. nope.. cleaning all, i have check everything.. and still very unstable.. cant play for more than 1 or 2 hours before i crash../.. NO FUN!!!
  7. ths is really p....... me off!! my game still close without any warn, or reason. modded or not, its still do it, since 0.90 it have crash many times since 1.0, even 1.02, no change
  8. contract, new outpost on the mun, ...bla bla bla.., MUST BE ON WHEELS.. can you please be more precise about WHICH wheels are accepted for that contact? cause i just landed what required BUT the wheels i have decided seems to not been good... as i know, LY-10 IS A WHEEL, i mean, i see tires, it rolls when under a space planes.... so if its isnt the good set, why contract want it, when i still havent access to any rover wheels?
  9. is that only me? mechjeb 2.5 for ksp 1.0 in career mode, aspargus dv doesnt show properly in VAB
  10. well... i dont know how to specificaly set the "spoiler alert" .. so, dont look at it if your want to see it by yourself!! here s the daylight screenshot
  11. i just lander there 0 42 12 N 22 44 44 E and found this "post edit" daylight screenshot
  12. unstable... and not what i expected as a multi-player.. i dont even call it a multi player, its everyone play on same solar system, but cannot do anything toghether, not follow you as passenger.. im very dissapointed
  13. how about survey mission on ground??? i have one with 4 sismic reading to take on Mun.. i landed with my rover at about 20km to first point.. but cannot even really see where i need to go, and crash my rover about 20 times only to found out the good direction on the damn navball... btw, dont get a flat on your rover wheels, it need an engineer lvl 3 to fix it !!