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  1. >Side note - hopefully we can add in our own icons now too Yes, yes you can. Just dropping by to say I don't plan to be maintaining TechManager any more, as there is really no point to it. I do agree it would be nice to have some way of reloading the tree without reloading the game.. in fact can't you do that in the debug menu? Reload config files? Oh wow, in fact there is a new RnD specific tab to the debug menu.. - - - Updated - - - Well, that debug menu looks like its missing some parts to make it work properly. Selecting 'Node' for example doesn't show anything. Although it does allow you to change things like description and title. So far the best way I see to make changs is just to exit the R&D building, alt-tab to notepad, use notepad to change the file and save, alt-tab back to ksp, then go back into the R&D building.
  2. Well, thanks to the awesomeness that is the Version 1.0 KSP update, this mod no longer has a reason for existing. The .cfg file can be found at: Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Resources\TechTree.cfg Its format is different, but should be easy to figure out.
  3. 1) I haven't actually tested the tree.cfg in .90. Everything else seemed to be worked in .90 though so I don't expect that to be broken 2) There is a good chance your tree is invalid. Check the log file. It will print a message (search for "TechManager") for each tree it finds and if it has an error trying to parse it. If it can't parse the tree, it will be like the tree doesn't exist. 3) In your save game folder there is a TechManager.cfg file (I think that is the name). It is pretty simple. Open it in a text editor. It should have 'Enabled=True' or something to that effect in there. If its false, then you disabled TM at some point. It will also list the current trees that are active, one per line. So if its false, exit your save, change it to True, then reload. Also you can exit your save game, delete that file entirely, then load that save game. It should present you with a tree selection box first thing when you load the game. Then pick the trees you want.
  4. Yes, but its kinda ugly. First, the format is different. You have to remove the TECHNOLOGY_TREE_DEFINITION header, so that only NODE's are in the file. Then name it tree.cfg and place it in your save game folder. Then go into the R&D building and press Alt-F7 to bring up the tree selection box and add tree.cfg to the list. If you get that far, you are set. Just hit Alt-F7 to reselect trees whenever you want to reload that one tree file. Unfortunately, there is no way (currently) to force a reload of the named tech trees. That is probably a feature that really needs to be added.
  5. Take a look at the first few lines of the trees included in the TM folder. That is what the header should look like. I'd be surprised if TED didn't output files like that, but maybe it does. Post a link to your tree and I can look at it later when I get home.
  6. There are two types of tech tree files. 1) with the TECHNOLOGY_TREE_DEFINITION header 2) without Most if not all tech trees should be in the first format. These include the trees that come with TechManager that can be found in the TechManager folder, for reference. As stated in the included (admittedly light) documentation, you only need to place these files anywhere under GameData for them to be found by TM *at startup*. So, you'll have to restart KSP for them to become visible. The KSP log file will print out a notification for each tree it finds, to confirm its visible and parsed correctly. The second format does not have the header, must have the name tree.cfg, and must be found in a save game directory. If it is there, TM will find it when you load that save game. In order to add it to the set of active trees, you will have to enter the R&D building, on the science view tab, and press Modifier-F7 (on windows this is Alt-F7). This will open a dialog that will let you activate the tree. This is also mentioned in the installation.txt file.
  7. I never saw TreeEdit, so I don't even know how it worked. Could you drag icons around? What were the editor inputs? But, no, I have no plans of including an in-game tree editor. I did keep the feature where you can reload a file from your save game dir. So at least you can make an edit, then load the file without having to restart KSP. That should keep the iteration cycle time low.
  8. I'll add some documentation at some point. Up until now I've mostly been adding features to support KSPI and the CTT, and those parties are aware of what TM can do. The short version is that each tree shows 'part' of the total tree at a time. If any tech is on more than one tree, then researching it in one place will research it in all places. Some exceptions: 1) An 'external' node must be researched on another tree. Its serves as a start node for sub-trees that don't want to include all the techs. So, for example, you can branch off of a late game tech as your starting point for your sub-tree and not have to include all the earlier nodes. 2) The 'hideIfNoBranchParts' option will hide a node if none of its children's nodes have parts. To work properly, this actually checks all trees for parts, not just the tree that one node is defined on. 3) Part assignment.. This one is kinda nasty. If a part is assigned to more than one tech, via multiple different trees, the first tree to assign it wins. The other tree(s) will be ignored when it comes to assigning that part. This is one reason I recommend MM should be used for part assignment and TM should not be.
  9. Of course not. Any techs researched remain researched. It wouldn't be much of a feature otherwise. But you should always back up your save game folder when experimenting, as a good general rule.
  10. Try it. Go into the R&D science building with more than one active tree. You'll see a combo button in the top right corner. Click on it and you will be able to switch between the active trees, in game.
  11. Give this a try. Looks like I broke external nodes when I fixed some other bug. Let me know if the above works. Also, for your tree, a couple points: id = Impossible Innovations Branch name = ImpossibleInnovationsBranch The 'id' is required, but is usually the one without spaces. 'name' does nothing at all. What you want is 'label'. That is what will show up in the selection boxes. If there is no label, id will be used instead. In your external nodes you have parents defined. Parents don't make any sense for external nodes, so they are deleted if external is set to true. So, no need to put them there. For the same reason, anyParent doesn't need to be specified. cost isn't necessary either, as you can't research external nodes anyway (after the fix).
  12. Can you link to your tree? I'll take a look.
  13. not at all. I see no conflict between multiple type 2 trees. what overlap? if there are two trees, then they can't overlap. only one is drawn at any particular point in time. each modder is free to develop their tree without worrying about where other modders put their nodes. that was the whole point of allowing multiple trees to be active and toggled between in the R&D building. again, i see i inherit conflict here. its true that each tree may define different paths from tech A->B, or even reverse the paths, but that's not a conflict, its what it means to have multiple trees active. Think of them as research programs. Each research program can produce some set of techs if pre-requisite techs are already researched. So yes, multiple trees could allow you multiple ways to research the same tech, but that's the point.
  14. i have no idea. didn't even know dedicated servers were a thing. I'd expect that any multiplayer ksp would still leave research up to the individual players and not group research?
  15. yes, exactly. except it doesn't have to be a stock node. it could be any techID from any (active) tree.