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  1. I will be updating this pods soon... will give you more info as I go.
  2. Try deleting PartDatabase.cf in the KSF root folder.
  3. Go to the parachute cfg file open it with notepad and add this line after rescale factor. PhysicsSignificance = 1 This should align the COM with the rest of the pod.
  4. UPDATE v.0.6.1 Fixed issue with parachutes when using Kerbal Joint Reinforcement. (Thanks ferram4 for helping with the solution). Some parachute tweaks. New nose cone for pods.
  5. The best option is to create a Cube or a Tetrahedron, I don't know how the Unity engine processes invisible meshes, but I think it's best not to have a complex mesh that is no getting rendered.
  6. Is anyone getting performance issues with the IVA?
  7. No, it's a Common Core Pod, they are inspired by the Dragon and the Starliner.
  8. Hey guys I am having problems with my parachute, the base gets pulled out of the pod during deployment, sometimes it even snaps out. Does anyone know the cause and possibly the solution for this problem? Problem This issue was related with Kerbal Joint Reinforcement, as it sets joint stiffnesses based on the approximate connected area. Solution To solve this I had to Cheat a little bit, it was solved by adding a large mesh to the part and removing the Mesh Renderer in unity. Thanks to ferram4 for the solution.
  9. Update v.0.5.0 New IVA added Crew capacity increased to 5
  10. Animating multiple landing legs on ksp is a nightmare in KSP, and right now I am concentrating on the IVA.
  11. v.0.1.6 Minor cfg tweeks Fixed attach nodes for Pods
  12. v.0.1.5 Fixed pods orientation Fixed RCSthruster transform orientation and names for all pods Fixed thrustTransform name for Ike and Minmus
  13. The parachute part gets pulled out, sometimes even breaks free of the pod when the parachute changes from semi deployed to fully deployed. You can try the mod:
  14. For now because it's using the Mk1-2 Pod they will hold 3. When I make the IVAs 4 or 5 seats.
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