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  1. Since i left Jeb on the Duna last time, I had to draw something more cheerful. So here he is - waiting for the update 1.0 and it's coveted refueling option. hi-res version horizontal edition
  2. He just became real! And then he read the Martian! Big thanks to Lana for making this!
  3. Wow! Thanks Squad for posting this here! And a big thank you to all of the people for nice words. It definitely made my day. I better start working on the next one!
  4. Here you go Kerbanauts! Painted this yesterday! Send that rescue mission before it's too late! Hi-res version.
  5. ah! sorry about that! here's the missing 4k! http://i.imgur.com/3HSRtZe.jpg
  6. Yumm! Sticky goodness! thank you sal_vager!
  7. thank you so much! 'Bout Bob - he's both scared [the screaming] and in awe of the beauty of the space [the crying] About the helmets - yeah, i guess it was part artistic decision and part laziness that made me do them the way they are.
  8. Hey Kerbal forum! I posted this on Reddit originally, but i thought that the native forum might enjoy it too! So here it is a tune up of the existing loading screen, with major props to the original creator MK01! Took me about 2 days to paint this baby: 4k version here
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